Zoom sur Saint Nicolas

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This beautiful French book, Zoom sur Saint-Nicolas: Un autre regard sur le Grand Patron des Lorrains, by Denise Bloch and Jean-François Tritschler is available from Zoom Association d'Idées. 112 pages in full color, 12 × 8½-inches, published 2013. Here is a 24 page sample; the pictures alone are a delight. Sample may load slowly, please be patient.

Author's note: The exceptional life of Saint Nicolas is told in fourteen small wooden panels painted for pilgrims to Saint-Nicolas-de-Port. We know little about this amazing "cartoon" made ​​in the sixteenth century by an artist who has not left us his name. … The "miracles" that are referenced in these tables correspond to those on some Byzantine icons. But here saint Nicolas wears a miter as the Latin bishops and images speak to us especially as they are painted in the western way. It is through these images that our ancestors knew their Patron Saint … The real St. Nicolas is not far and each deed presented is the origin of patronage, a legend or a use. Apart from the Virgin Mary, no saint has been as popular as St. Nicolas, whose cult has been present in Lorraine for nearly a thousand years. It is the heart of our history and continues to be a reference, it is the focal point of all the components of our region. His image is present on our roads, in our churches and in our homes. Long ago traders came under his patronage and traveled Europe taking him to the big markets. Saint Nicolas is at the heart of trade, and is also at the heart of the festival, the festival of light, this wonderful children's festival that celebrates all Lorraine on December 6, the day of his entrance into heaven. This saint Nicolas who visits us every year and forcing parents to open their purse is still alive, as is the great Healer celebrated at Saint-Nicolas-de-Port with increasing fervor.
— © Jean-François Tritschler

From Zoom sur Saint-Nicolas: Un regard sur le Grand Patron des Lorrains by Denise Bloch and Jean-François Tritschler, Zoom Association d'Idées, 2013. Used by permission.
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