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We need your help!

If you have pictures of a St Nicholas Church—the church itself, St Nicholas images and symbols, or a visit from St Nicholas—please send them to us!

  • If a church has been put to another use, or is known to have been deconsecrated, the former affiliation is shown in [brackets].

  • Churches in England, United Kingdom, are identified with the historic traditional counties, not administrative counties nor unitary authorities.

Thank You

Thank you to the many people who have so generously allowed their pictures to be used, making the Gazetteer possible. Special thanks to J M Rosenthal, John Salmon, Aidan Simons, Paul de Bondt, Simon Knott, Gilles Saunier-L'Hégaret, the Destinacije team,, Biserici, Globus Belarusi, and the helpful members of ChurchCrawling, Clochers de France, 40,000 Clochers, Kerken in Vlaanderen, Clochers de Wallonie, Kostely a církevní stavby v CR, OrthPhoto, and Orthodox World.