Send Your St. Nicholas Picture

Boomerang Card, St Nicholas Center Collection

Draw a picture of Nicholas and send it in—
we’ll post it so others can see it!

How to send pictures

  1. Scan your picture
  2. Click for e-mail
  3. Find the picture on your computer
  4. Attach file to e-mail
  5. Please tell us:
    • Your name*(we’ll only post your first name)
    • Your age
    • Your city, state, and country
    • Tell us about your picture, too!
  6. Click to send

Thank you!

Or, send your picture by mail:
     St. Nicholas Center
     109 West 12th Street
     Holland, MI 49423

Thank you!

*We’ll only use your first name; personal information will not be disclosed, shared, or used for any other purpose.

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