St. Nicholas Videos

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Who is Saint Nicholas?

Find out here!

3:34 minutes
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Who is Santa Claus?

Find out here!

5:45 minutes
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Could this be St. Nicholas?

Look and see!

1:28 minutes
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The St. Nick Strut: Learn About Saint Nicholas . . .

Do American kids know about St. Nicholas Day?

2:52 minutes
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How is St. Nicholas Different than Santa Claus?

Clive answers the question

1:57 minutes
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The Legend of Saint-Nicolas (revisited)

Kids drew the pictures!

1:18 minutes
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Santa Claus: The real story of jolly old St. NIck

5:27 minutes
CBC Kids News tells the story, "Sinter Klaas, Santa Claus and the 'G.O.A.T. of holiday marketing'

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The Story of Saint Nicholas

Story told in verse

2:50 minutes

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