St. Nicholas Display & Activity Room

Use our free resources to create a display and activity room to introduce children and adults to St. Nicholas. Holy Mother of the Rosary Cathedral, Lancaster, New York, did just that.

Meet Saint Nicholas
St Nicholas display table
The St. Nicholas Display

The display features information and activities. Our symbol page is printed and illustrated by chocolate gold coins, oranges or clementines, candy croziers (canes), stockings and a Santa hat. The Real Santa and Things to Talk About While Making St. Nicholas Projects are printed to be picked up. Members loan St. Nicholas figures to add interest along with the puppet from our shop.

Simple activities are coloring pages, two different color-and-cut-out St. Nicholas figures and ornaments made with our stickers.

In addition to our free resources, a few things from our shop are also used.

Table display
St. Nicholas Figures
Symbol display
St. Nicholas Symbols
Color, Cut & Paste Activities
Advent card
St. Nicholas Advent Card

This is an easy and inexpensive way to introduce St. Nicholas.

Credit given points people to more about St. Nicholas

From Judith Krauza, Holy Mother of the Rosary Cathedral, Lancaster, New York. Used by permission.

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