Helpful Ideas for Families

from Books & Articles

French postcard
St Nicholas Center Collection

Background & Customs

Letters and Treats for St. Nicholas Day
a German custom for families from Living on Both Ends
The Feast of St. Nicholas
helpful background for families from The Gift of Time
Will the Real Santa Please Stand? Inviting Saint Nicholas Into Our Christmas
from Again Magazine
St. Nicholas' Day . . . in Austria & America
from Around the Year with the Trapp Family
Meet the REAL Saint Nicholas
background to help parents teach children about the real St. Nicholas
Good-bye Santa! Hello, St. Nick!
one family's experience from ALTERNATIVES

In other sections

St. Nicholas, the Children's Friend: a Belgian tradition for December 6
by Ade Bethune
The Stocking that St. Nicholas Gave Me
a warm account with a twist on a German custom 
Celebrate St. Nick's Day
a reflection on one family's experience 
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