Tio de Nadal

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Christmas is a time for traditions. For some, it’s all about stringing up lights on a Christmas tree and wrapping up presents to put beneath it. For others, it’s singing carols door to door to spread holiday cheer. And for still others, it’s a time to beat a log with a stick until it poops out candy.

If you’re not familiar with that last one, don’t worry: ComicsAlliance favorites Benito Cereno and Anthony Clark have stepped up to explain it all in an original comic featuring an Untold Tale of St. Nicholas! This story brings together two separate traditions from Catalonia—the Caganer and the Tio de Nadal—joining them with St. Nicholas.

Tio de Nadal is by Benito Cereno and Anthony Clark, copyright © 2011. Closing comment by Chris Sims, ComicsAlliance. Used by permission.

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