Translation Monument in San Giorgio

As the sailors from Bari were nearing home after securing the relics of St. Nicholas in Myra, they stopped in the harbor of San Giorgio (St. George), four miles southeast of Bari. They went ashore on May 8, 1087, in the village of San Giorgio where they built a proper container for bringing the bones to Bari. They needed an appropriate box to carry the relics in procession into the city. After removing the bones from their temporary carrier and placing them in the new reliquary, the party departed for Bari on the next day, the 9th of May.

A monument commemorates this event on the harbor in San Giorgio. There is a replica boat, a bronze relief plaque and an inscribed standing bronze tablet.

Large open boat with sail
Replica boat commemorating the fleet of four
St Nicholas leading the boat to shore
Commemorative plaque
Description of the stop in San Giorgio
San Giorgio commemorative tablet
Looking across the bay
The bay of San Giorgio
Looking to land from the sea

Photos: Marcus Vankan, used by permission

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