Writing the St. Nicholas Pass Over Icon

See how iconographer Michael Kapeluck wrote this icon, the 1907 Pass Over Icon commemorating the 111th anniversary of the mining disasters at Mononagh Mine, December 6th in West Virginia, and the Darr Mine, December 19, in Jacobs Creek, Pennsylvania. Miners who observed St. Nicholas Day by going to church in both places were spared. Sixty Roman Catholics in Monongah and almost 200 Greek Catholics in Jacobs Creek.

The version below allows a closer look at the developing icon.

This icon, written by iconographer Michael Kapeluck of Archangel Icons, was presented to Holy Trinity Ukrainian Catholic Church, Carnegie, Pennsylvania, on the 111th anniversary of the Monongah Mine and the Darr Mine disasters in 1907. The icon was given in memory of Tatyana Helena Jula by her parents Michael and Maria Jula, sister Anastasya Jula with husband Julian Gil, and the iconographer Michael Kapeluck who was also Tatyana's art teacher.

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