Kids Draw St. Nicholas in the United Kingdom

Pictures from Methlick, Newcastle, and Wickham

This picture is from the Advent Club in Methlick, Scotland:

Drawing from Scotland
Chapman, age 7

Children drew these pictures for a contest at St Nicholas Cathedral in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. Can you draw St. Nicholas, too?

Drawing from England
Drawing from England

Children drew these pictures after learning about Saint Nicholas at St Nicholas Parish Church in Wickham, Hampshire. Can you draw or paint a picture that tells about St. Nicholas, too?

Drawing from England
Claire: The man on the left is very pleased with the bag of gold St. Nicholas has given him. The Patron Saint of Sailors is talking to children about Jesus. The sea with a sailing boat is near by.
Drawing from England
Isabel: The three girls who got married with St. Nicholas' bags of gold. Sailors in boats on the water. St. Nicholas teaching children as the sun sets over the water.
Drawing from England
Alex: St. Nicholas throwing a bag of gold into a house because he knew the people there didn't have any money.
Drawing from England
Emma: Blue sea with a boat and one of the sailors.

These pictures are from Methlick Parish Church, Methlick, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, and St Nicholas Cathedral, Newcastle, and St Nicholas Church, Wickham, both in England. Used by permission.

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