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Ideas for Celebrating

Belgian card
St Nicholas Center Collection
St. Nicholas: Feast Day Ideas
story, activity, food & more from A Circle of Saints

The Custom of the Shoes
ideas for a visit from St. Nicholas from The Gift of Time

St. Nick's Day Stocking,
an idea from Abbey Press

Celebrate St. Nicholas at Home
from St. Nicholas: The Wonder Worker

Celebrate St. Nick's Day
ideas from Simple remembrance makes day special

Celebrating St Nicholas
ideas from A Book of Feasts and Seasons

Celebrating Saint Nicholas Day
from Advent, Christmas and Epiphany in the Domestic Church
     Invite Saint Nicholas into Your Home
     Gifts from Saint Nicholas
     A Wonderful Family Tradition 

The Stocking St. Nicholas Gave Me
A boy's wish for a special St. Nicholas stocking

It Must Be the Shoes 
a reflection on a family custom

St. Nicholas' First Gifts Given
a way to defuse holiday impatience

St. Nicholas Day Tradition for Teens 
from Between Us Parents

In another section

A Man Named Nicholas from A Way of Life
     A simple story for pre-schoolers
Teaching our kids the holiday spirit by having them take a turn as Santa

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