St. Nicholas Day Tradition for Teens

Help older kids and teens think about generosity and helping, both near and far.

St. Nicholas Day is the perfect time to encourage older kids to emulate St. Nicholas and become a "St. Nicholas" or "Santa."

Here is a simple way to help put a seasonal focus on giving back and helping those in need.

Shoes still have simple treats, a bit of candy and clementines, for example, along with a card where "St. Nicholas acts" may be listed. Include suggested charitable contributions in addition to space for acts of kindness.

Shannon Younger suggests offering a choice of three charitable organizations, based on the teen's interests; then choosing one. For example, adopting a zoo or aquarium animal, support for kids with serious illnesses, meal programs for hungry kids, or something else related to the teen's particular interests or concerns. Sharing what has been important or given joy to themselves helps kids know that what they are doing is important and will give joy to others.

Shannon says, "I want [my daughter] to focus outwardly and remember that helping others is important, and that it has been for thousands of years. I want to remind her that she has that ability. We'll also discuss some ways that she can do some acts of kindness for those in her community."

St. Nicholas Helper Cards

St Nicholas Helper Card
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These cards help us think about how to "Be a St. Nicholas" helping others.

Print St. Nicholas Helper cards on card or cover stock. Eight print on a 8½x11 letter-size page.

Each card is 2 3/4 x 4 1/4 inches.

Cut apart with paper cutter.

Adapted from "The new St. Nicholas Day tradition of giving that I'm starting with my teen" by Shannon Younger, Between Us Parents.

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