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  1. Bari Sailors - 1087
  2. Another Statue Proposed for Bari: Saint Nicholas of the Fishermen
  3. Patron Saint for Women in Need
  4. Synaxarion: VIII.Nicholas of Myra
  5. Literary development of the "Life" of St Nicholas of Myra
  6. German Altar Wings - 1485: Marienkirche, Muhlhausen, Germany
  7. English Glass: Miracles of St Nicholas, Evie Hone, 1948-49
  8. Medieval Glass - Auxerre Cathedral - Three Nicholas Stories
  9. A Voice Found - 2019
  10. Modern Miracle - Monongah Mines
  11. Darr Mine: Remembering December 19, 1907
  12. Miraculous & Weeping Icon: Kokkari, Greece
  13. Miraculous Icon: Saint Nikolaos of Spata
  14. Wonderworking St. Nicholas Icon in Andros
  15. Icon: Saint Nicholas the Wet
  16. Amsterdam Church Receives St. Nicholas Relic
  17. Belgium: Saint Nicolas: the other Father Christmas
  18. Piet: The Tide Has Turned
  19. Article: Nick before Kris: How St. Nicholas Day became a Cincinnati tradition
  20. Kazakhstan
  21. Bishops Welcome Saint Nicholas
  22. Article: Teaching our kids the holiday spirit by having them take a turn as Santa
  23. Article: Might Santa be due for a makeover? by Thomas Keeley
  24. Article: The Time I was St. Nicholas for 72 College Freshmen
  25. The Real Santa Who Fed the Hungry
  26. Coloring Books
  27. Cookbooks
  28. Craft & Activity Books
  29. Drama, Scripts & Songs
  30. Other Resource Books
  31. Talking About Santa Claus
  32. St. Nicholas Crozier: Make your Own
  33. Craft: Mosaic Eastern-Rite Miter
  34. Craft: St. Nicholas Symbol Cube
  35. Fly a Flag for Saint Nicholas!
  36. Novena to Saint Nicholas III
  37. Sermon: A Christmas Without Gift Tags
  38. Sermon: Jesus, St. Nicholas and You
  39. Sermon: Homily at the Divine Liturgy St. Nicholas Eve
  40. Homily at the Vespers of the Feast of Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker
  41. Choral music: Apolytikion of Our Holy Father Nicholas
  42. Anthem: Nicholas, Holy Hierarch
  43. Hymn: Thou, Who in heaven
  44. Song: We Are All Saint Nicholas
  45. Hymn: Intonent hodie
  46. Script: Nicolas and the Six Bells
  47. Recipe: Pains d'Epices de la St Nicolas
  48. Molded Fondant Sugar Cookies
  49. Sugar "Cookie Papers"
  50. Tips for St. Nicholas Cookies
  51. Video: Who Was Saint Nicholas?
  52. Video: Story of Saint Nicholas - Part 1
  53. Video: Story of Saint Nicholas - Part 2
  54. Video: Nicholas: The Boy Who Became Santa
  55. Video: December 6th
  56. Giant Lego San Nicola
  57. Shop: St. Nicholas Fabric Panels
  58. Shop: From Our Collection
  59. Cookie Cutters
  60. Other Sources: Patterns
  61. St. Nicholas Captures the Future of VTS
  62. VTS Announces Partnership With the St. Nicholas Center: ENS
  63. Exhibit Article II - 2015
  64. Drama & Scripts