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  1. Something New Coming to Bari
  2. Would Christmas be Christmas without Martin Luther?
  3. Classic source, 5th C: Encomium to St Nicholas of Myra - St. Proclus
  4. Methodius - ca 845
  5. Writing the St. Nicholas Pass Over Icon
  6. Relics of St. Nicholas Enshrined in a Queens Church, Flushing NY, 1972
  7. Struggles with Krampus gone rogue
  8. Dutch in New Zealand
  9. Piet: A Turning Point
  10. NPR: So Long, Black Pete
  11. Sinterklaas in Amsterdam – 1941 & 1945
  12. Milwaukee — 3 Traditions
  13. Wisconsin Family Traditions
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  15. One Hour St. Nicholas Party
  16. Simple First-time Celebration
  17. Article: Christmas is not your birthday!
  18. Sharing the Good News to Children Through St. Nicholas
  19. Nicholas
  20. Craft: Paper Saint Nicolas Figure
  21. Make Ornaments from Our Cards
  22. Frame St. Nicholas Prints
  23. Quick & Easy Puzzles
  24. Bookmarks to Print
  25. Treat Bag
  26. Candy Cane Cards
  27. Craft: Saint Nicholas Figure to Print
  28. Dismissal for St. Nicholas Sunday
  29. Virtual Sermon: St. Nicholas Day
  30. Homily of His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros of America
  31. Encyclical for the Feast of St. Nicholas
  32. Cantata: The True Saint Nicolas
  33. Hymn: O hail to Saint Nicholas
  34. Hymn: Those who love the saint of children
  35. Song: Santa’s Prayer
  36. Song: Complaincte de Sanct Nicholas
  37. Song from Scotland: So I’m off with the Good St Nicholas Boat
  38. Script for a Church Visit
  39. Puppet Plays
  40. Saint Nicholas Puppet Script
  41. Recipe: Poltava Honey Gingerbread
  42. Recipe: Gevulde (filled) Speculaas
  43. Recipe: Danish Puff Crozier
  44. Poem: Saint Nicholas Dreams by Charles A. Brady
  45. Poem for St Nicholas
  46. Video: Who is Santa Claus?
  47. Video: Selling Saint Nicholas
  48. Story of St. Nicholas
  49. Video: How is St. Nicholas Different than Santa Claus?
  50. Story: A Man of Good Deeds
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  53. How to Draw Advent Saints
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  55. St. Nicholas Center’s New Future: St. Nicholas Faith & Justice House
  56. St. Nicholas Partnership
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  58. 2018 - Museum Exhibit