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  • Catholic Traditions in Cooking

    Ball, Ann
    Our Sunday Visitor, 1993

    Recipes and traditions from around the world for the Christmas and Easter cycles as well as many other saints' days and occasions.

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  • Festivals with Children

    Barz. Brogotte
    Floris Books, 1987
    Edinburgh, Scotland

    Information about Christian festivals with symbols, customs and practical suggestions for families.

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  • All through the Day, All through the Year: Family Prayers and Celebrations

    Batchelder, David B.
    Augsburg, 2000

    A rich collection of rituals, celebrations, and prayer to build traditions for the whole cycle of the church year. Many ideas for families to adapt for their particular situation. Easy to use format, not overwhelming. Excellent resource.

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  • Table Talks on the Gifts of God

    Belgum, Harold, illustrated by John Mosand
    Augsburg Publishing House, 1965, 1974
    Thirty-one online conversation starters with bold graphics focus on 1) God's gifts in nature and through the senses; 2) the Good News of worship and the church year; 3) the life cycle, including sacrament. Originally a flip-chart, this resource provides a month's worth (probably more as no family will manage to do each page in daily succession) of ideas to stimulate reflection on God and what really matters.

    Here is an opportunity to engage topics otherwise often missed. We used "Table Talks" many times and highly recommend it. Available online

  • Great Days for the Family: How to make birthdays, "big" days, church days, nation days, nature days interesting and exciting

    Belgum, Harold J.
    Concordia Publishing House, 1969

    Good all-purpose introduction with lots of ideas to help people get started. Family days and national holidays are included in addition to the church year. This was one of my first resources.

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  • Crafts Through the Year

    Berger, Thomas and Petra
    Floris Books, 2000, 2011
    Includes everything from The Christmas Book except pentagonal stars; much of The Easter Book, but not all

    Beautifully designed craft projects for the four seasons; each season includes ideas for the major Christian feasts and seasons

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  • Stories of God at Home: A Godly Play Approach

    Berryman, Jerome W.
    Church Publishing Incorporated, 2018

    This book helps bring Godly Play home to encourage children's spiritual development through story telling and wondering together.

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  • Catholic Household Blessings & Prayers

    Bishops' Committee on the Liturgy
    National Conference of Catholic Bishops
    United States Catholic Conference, Inc., 1988

    Comprehensive traditional collection of blessings for church year days & seasons, daily blessings, blessings for family, special occasions and common prayers.

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  • Prayers from the Heart for the Feasts of the Year

    Bogle, Joanna, selected by
    Gracewing Fowler Wright Books
    Morehouse Publishing, 1992

    Appropriate for adults and children

    A collection of short prayers for the year from traditional and other sources.

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  • Festivals, Family and Food

    Carey, Diana and Judy Large
    Anthroposophic Press, 1996

    Festival and seasonal resources for songs, games, stories, food, and things to do. Lovely story of the Easter Hare.

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  • Festive Allsorts: Ideas for Celebrating the Christian Year

    Currie, Nicola
    The National Society with Church House Publishing, 1994
    London, United Kingdom

    58 days and seasons included, many saints, English saints, too. Each day or season has background, discussion questions and activity ideas.

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  • Common Prayer for Children and Families

    Gamber, Jenifer & Timothy J. S. Seamans
    Church Publishing Incorporated, 2019

    Prayers for the church year, home, school, camp, mealtimes, the world and much more. Prayers are drawn from many sources, with strong echoes from the Book of Common Prayer. A rich resource for families, whimsical line drawings invite coloring, too.

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  • Our Colorful Church Year

    Hebert, Esther, Gesa Rensmann & Marina Spinkova
    adapted from German by Kathleen Pearce

    Don Bosco Publications, 2004

    Elementary age children & families

    This delightful little book is the best I've found to introduce the liturgical year to children—and adults who need some refreshing. It includes all major festivals and six saints (Nicholas, Barbara, Lucy, Stephen, Valentine, and Martin). The church year is put into the context of the seasons and illustrated with bright, attractive pictures. Roman Catholic, it is approriate for Protestants as well, who may simply skip a section or two. All about celebration, it is a great find!

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  • Clip Art for Seasons & Celebrations of the Church Year

    Heiberg, Jeanne
    Paulist Press, 1998

    Clip art images for all occasions—church year and more, organized by month.

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  • Celebrating: Family Prayer Services

    Hopkins, Mary
    Paulist Press, 1974

    Simple liturgies for the church year, some family events and other events

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  • A Book of Family Prayer

    Huck, Gate
    Seabury Press, 1979

    Rich source of information about customs, together with scriptural prayer. Material drawn from many sources presented in a very useful format.

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  • The Parables of Jesus

    James, Laura and Katara Washington Patton
    FaithWords Hachette Book Group, 2017
    New York, New York

    All ages

    A beautifully produced coloring book with 46 parables, each with a full-page illustration to color, the scripture account, reflection and suggestions for response. Lovely resource, for all ages.

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  • The Catholic Cook Book: Traditional Feast and Fast Day Recipes

    Kaufman, William I., ed.
    Citadel, 1955

    Comprehensive cookbook with recipes for all of the church year, including seven for St. Nicholas Day

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  • Sleeping with Bread: Holding What Gives You Life

    Linn, Dennis, Sheila Fabricant Linn and Matthew Linn
    Paulist Press, 1995
    Mahwah, New Jersey

    A simple introduction to reflecting each day on what was best and worst about the day (most/least grateful; happiest/saddest moment; or high/low point, etc.). This is the Ignatian Examen, a beautiful way to reflect on the day. This could be done by the whole family, or as part of the bedtime ritual with each child, along with prayer and singing. This simple practice is a rich resource; it isn't about the church year, rather helpful daily ritual for all ages.

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  • To Dance with God: Family Ritual and Community Celebration

    Nelson, Gertrud Mueller
    Paulist Press, 1986

    This classic book has good background for developing Nicholas and other traditions and a nice re-telling of four St. Nicholas legends with suggestions for creating plays. Fine introduction to family tradition and ritual with a wealth of ideas for the feasts and seasons of the Christian year.

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  • Seasonal Saints Cutouts

    Nippert, George & Brenda
    Nippert & Co. Artworks, 2010
    Carlisle, Pennsylvania
    Includes Saint Nicholas, Saint Patrick & Saint Valentine
    Large (11x17) cards, 2 for each saint
    The second card for each saint has information and symbols

    The two cards are designed to be cut out (or mounted and cut out for durability) to make a bulletin board display about the saint

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  • Faithful Celebrations: Making Time for God in Autumn

    Pearson, Sharon Ely, editor
    Church Publishing Incorporated, 2018

    One in a series of four Faithful Celebrations: Making Time for God from Mardi Gras Through Pentecost; . . . in Autumn . . . in Winter; . . . Family and Friends. Information and activity ideas for many different holidays and celebrations with special emphasis on multigenerational experiences. Valuable for families and churches.

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  • Follow the Year: A Family Celebration of Christian Holidays

    Powers, Mala
    Harper & Row, 1985

    Stories, legends, and customs for all the year including a story for each day in Advent; lovely, soft illustrations.

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  • Festivals for You to Celebrate: Facts, Activities, and Crafts

    Purdy, Susan
    Lippincott, 1969

    Festivals from around the world, includes directions for making Swiss St Nicholas mitre/headdresses

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  • Seeds of Paradise: A garland of holiday projects

    Reilly, Mary and Margaret K. Wetterer
    Morehouse-Barlow Co., 1982

    Projects using plants and flowers related to religious customs: 26 projects with clear instructions and diagrams.

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  • From Thy Bounty: Holiday foods from around the world

    Reilly, Mary V. and Margaret K. Wetterer
    Morehouse-Barlow Co., 1982

    A collection of recipes for foods associated with a number of church festivals. Includes a brief account of the historic connections between food and religion.

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  • Festivals of the Christian Year: Make them really special

    Rock, Lois
    Lion Publishing, 1996

    Attractive, practical craft ideas for 20 Christian festivals, with some basic information about each, full-color photos

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  • Festivals of the Christian Year: Teacher's Guide

    Rock, Lois
    Lion Publishing, 1996

    Helpful guide to 20 festivals: background, Christian belief, activities, discussion suggestions, notes for craft projects in main book (above) and follow-up craft and project ideas

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  • Cooking with the Saints: An Illlustrated Treasury of Authentic Recipes Old and Modern

    Schuegraf, Ernst
    Ignatius Press, 2001

    A beautiful book, coffee-table size, introducing 73 saints with several recipes for each.

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  • High Days and Holidays: Celebrating the Christian Year

    Self, David
    Lion Publishing, 1993

    Readable introductions to twenty festival days with photographs and line drawings. Good background.

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  • Celebrating Sunday for Catholic Families

    Smith, Kerstin Keber
    Liturgy Training Publications, Annual publication
    Chicago, Illinois

    Easy to use weekly guide gives a snippet of the Gospel reading, short reflection, something to talk about on the way to church, something for on the way home, and ideas for Living the Word throughout the week. This annual publication is available in paperback and as a Kindle edition. Covers the whole year, beginning in September. Follows the Roman Catholic Lectionary, but is very close to the Revised Common Lectionary on most Sundays. Useful for any family whose church follows the Common Lectionary.

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  • A Continual Feast: A cookbook to celebrate the joys of family and faith throughout the Christian year

    Vitz, Evelyn Birge
    Ignatius Press, 1991

    Recipes, projects, and customs for the whole year with suggestions for when and why these dishes might be served.

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  • Handbook of Christian Feasts and Customs: The Year of Our Lord in Liturgy and Folklore

    Weiser, Francis X.
    Harcourt, Brace & World, 1958

    Classic source on development of the feasts, customs, holy days and holidays of the church year. Pre-Vatican II.

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