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  • Look! A Child's Guide to Advent & Christmas

    Alary, Laura
    Paraclete Press, 2017

    Lovely introduction to Advent for elementary age children. It is about "Looking Back," "Looking Around," and "Looking Ahead." Each section relates to biblical characters and happenings and moves into the present with values and activities for today. A gentle telling. No St. Nicholas though!

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  • Around the Year

    Beskow, Elsa Maartman
    Floris Books, 1927 (Swedish), 1988, 2008
    Mini edition from Amazon

    Picture book: the months of the year are presented in poetry with a lovely illustration; some Christian references; it also provides the opportunity to talk about things your family does in those months

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  • My Book of the Church's Year

    Chadwick, Enid M.
    A. R. Mowbray & Co. Limited, 1948
    St. Augustine Academy Press, 2018

    Homer Glen, Illinois, originally Oxford, England

    Fully illustrated guide through the church year with Enid Chadwick's delightful illustrations for many saints and festivals, organized by months. All the pages are shown here.

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  • Love Life Live Lent: Be the Change

    Gooder, Paula and Peter Babington
    Morehouse Publishing & Church House Publishing, 2012, 2015
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    A very short reflection and action suggestion for each day in Lent. Kids booklet also available.

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  • Love Life Live Advent: Make Room for the Manger

    Gooder, Paula and Peter Babington
    Church House Publishing & Morehouse Publishing, 2014, 2015
    Love Life Live Advent website
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    Simple ideas for each week of Advent—all ages. Adult and youth version in the UK, too.

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  • Our Colourful Church Year

    Hebert, Esther, Gesa Rensmann & Marina Spinkova, Adapted from the German by Kathleen Pearce
    Don Bosco Publications, 2004

    This delightful little book is the best I've found to introduce the liturgical year to children—and adults who need some refreshing. It includes all major festivals and six saints (Nicholas, Barbara, Lucy, Stephen, Valentine, and Martin). The church year is put into the context of the seasons and illustrated with bright, attractive pictures. Roman Catholic, it is appropriate for Protestants as well, who may simply skip a section or two. All about celebration, it is a great find!

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  • A Child's Guide to the Holy Eucharist: Rite II

    Horton, Sarah
    Morehouse Publishing, 1999
    New York, New York
    Elementary age children

    The full text of Episcopal Eucharist is presented with explanatory cartoons and commentary; an aid to anyone looking to understand Eucharistic services.

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  • What We Do in Church: An Anglican Child's Activity Book

    Kitch, Anne E.
    Morehouse Publishing, 2004
    Ages 5 - 9

    Many hands-on activities—word games, mazes, connect the dots, and more—help adults and children learn more about worship.

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  • High Days and Holidays: Celebrating the Christian Year

    Self, David
    Lion Publishing, 1993

    Readable introductions to twenty festival days with photographs and line drawings. Good background.

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  • Feasts and Festivals

    Storr, Catherine, illustrated by Jenny Rhodes
    Patrick Hardy Books, 1983
    London, United Kingdom

    British feasts & festivals beautifully illustrated by month: Twelfth Night, Up-Helly-Aa, Candlemas, Valentines, Shrove Tuesday, St Patrick's, Oranges & Lemons, April Fool's, Palm Sunday, Easter, St. George's, May Dawn, May Day, Fairy Dance, Lady Godiva, Midsummer's Eve, St Swithin, St James, Swan-Upping, Clipping the Church, Plague Sunday, Harvest, Horn Dance, Bellringers' Feast, Goose Fair, Souling, Halloween, Bonfire Night, Martinmas, St. Nicholas, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve.

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  • A Time to Keep: The Tasha Tudor Book of Holidays

    Tudor, Tasha
    Rand, McNally
    Simon & Schuster, 1977, 1985, 1996

    Chicago, New York

    Holidays and activities for each month, described as observed in New England in the early 1900s. Christian festivals are present, but not identified as such.

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  • Let Us Pray: A little kid's guide to the Eucharist

    Turrell, Jennie
    Morehouse Publishing, 2014
    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania/New York, New York

    Sheep lead the way through the entire Eucharistic liturgy of the Episcopal Church; useful for other liturgical churches, as well.

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  • Over and Over

    Zolotow, Charlotte
    Harper & Row, 1957
    New York, New York

    Ages four to eight

    A curious little girl keeps wondering, "What happens next?" The story goes through the cycle of seasons and holidays: Christmas, Valentines, Easter, vacation, Halloween, Thanksgiving and birthday. At the end she wishes for it to all happen again . . . and it does, over and over.
    My daughter loved this book and we read it over and over and over.

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