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  • Nicolas and the Six Bells

    Ackerman, David
    DA Publishing, 2020
    Kensal Green, England

    Ages 8 and up

    Delightful story of loss and re-discovery, exile and return, as a country struggles through unhappiness to recover joy. It is the journey of a brother and sister and the kind help of Nicolas to the rightful king showing the core Gospel values of love, forgiveness, and hope.

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  • Happy Times in Czechoslovakia

    Bartusek, Libushka, illus. by Yarka Burés
    Knopf, 1941

    A year in the life of a small Czech village, written to help preserve national culture, colorful illustrations. Foreword by Eleanor Roosevelt.

  • The Church Mouse of Saint Nicholas

    Brady, Charles A.
    Neuman Press, 2004, 1966

    Though told through talking mice, the story is true; includes quite a bit about St Nicholas, too

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  • Our Little Friends of the Netherlands: Dirk and Dientje

    Carpenter, Frances
    American Book Company, 1935

    Includes a chapter on Sinterklaas Eve

  • Christmas Folk Tales

    Craver, Elena Borikova
    Vantage Press, 1965

    This collection of Bulgarian folk tales gives a different twist to several about Saint Nicholas

  • Legends & Folk Tales of Holland

    de Leeuw, Adèle
    Hippocrene Books (reprint of Thomas Nelson, 1963), 1999

    Includes "A Legend of Saint Nicholas"—an account of the bishop's first visit to Holland

  • St. Nicholas: The Believer: A New Story For Christmas Based On The Old Story Of St. Nicholas

    Elder, Eric & Lana
    InspiringBooks.com, 2009-2014
    Chenoa, Illinois
    40 chapters are divided into 7 sections to facilitate reading in either seven days, or forty


    Fictionalized retelling of St. Nicholas story that remains pretty close to traditional stories and legends, while allowing for a contemporary interpretation. There is some repetition as it seeks to illustrate the characters' unquestioning devotion and faith.

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  • The Truth About Santa Claus

    Giblin, James Cross
    Thomas Y. Crowell, 1985

    Good account of St. Nicholas and the relationship to Santa Claus

  • Seven for St. Nicholas

    Hall, Rosalys
    Lippencott, 1958

    Seven children in New Amsterdam worry that St Nicholas will not be able to find them in the New World

  • The Case of: Is Santa Claus Real? The Story of Why Christmas

    Hill, David W. & Anita R. Hill
    Outskirts Press, 2012

    Written from an Evangelical perspective to help youth understand that Jesus is the center of Christmas. The book primarily tells the story of salvation with some information about St. Nicholas and Santa Claus. The St. Nicholas information is somewhat misleading.

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  • Legends of Santa Claus

    Jeffers, H. Paul
    Lerner Publications, 2001

    Nicholas and other gift givers from A&E Biography.

  • Saint Nicholas: God's Gift-Giver

    Jung-sun, Hwang
    Pauline Kids, 2021
    Boston, Massachusetts

    Older elementary, junior high

    Graphic novel for young people, dramatic telling of the St. Nicholas story with the accent on his faith.

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  • The Story of Saint Nicholas

    Luckhardt, Mildred
    Abingdon, 1960

    A soberly written biography, last chapters relate Nicholas to Santa and Christmas traditions, illustrated by Gordon Laite

  • The Story of Santa Claus

    McCullough, Joseph
    Osprey Publishing, 2014
    Oxford, Great Britain & New York, New York

    A good explanation of Santa Claus, beginning with St. Nicholas; chapters: Nicholas, Bishop of Myra; Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker; The Gift Bringers; and Santa Claus. The story maintains the mystery of Santa.

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  • St. Nicholas the Wonder Worker

    Neuberger, Anne E

    A collection of eighteen stories to read during Advent; also a short play. Author's site

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  • St. Nicholas' Travels: A Miraculous Biography

    Pauli, Hertha
    Houghton Mifflin, 1945

    The story of Bishop Nicholas through the centuries

  • The Dutch Twins

    Perkins, Lucy Fitch
    Walker and Company, 1911, 1939

    Life in the Netherlands, including a St. Nicholas chapter; nice pen and ink drawings

  • A Saint Comes Home

    Rosenthal, James
    St Nicholas Parish Church, 2012
    St Nicholas at Wade, England UK

    Story especially for St Nicholas at Wade, Kent, England; the village's namesake makes a surprise return, helping everyone to understand the true purpose of the season; with activity pages

  • Saint Nicholas

    Streit, Jakob
    Mercury Press, 2003

    A gently-told story of the life of Nicholas.

  • The Life and Miracles of Saint Nicholas, the Wonderworker

    Tolstoy, Count Michael
    Publishing Houe of the Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral, 2001

    Nineteen stories of St Nicholas; translated and modified from the original Serbian (mid 19th century)

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  • The Winged Watchman

    van Stockum, Hilda
    Farrar, Straus & Company, 1962

    A Dutch story set in World War II, with a chapter on St. Nicholas

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