Resources for Celebrating St. Nicholas

I don’t object to "Santa Claus,
"Kris Kringle" and the rest;
But, looking into it, I find
St. Nicholas suits me best!

1914 St. Nicholas Magazine Calendar St Nicholas Center Collection


Ideas to help celebrate St. Nicholas for both adults and children
Things to talk about while making St. Nicholas projects.


Tips and suggestions to be a St. Nicholas


A variety of perspectives on celebrating the good saint

Books for Further Reading, digital media, too 

Annotated lists of St Nicholas books: pictures books, books for children, books about saints for children and adults, activity books and more

Clip Art 


Suggestions for finding or making costumes, including a pattern


St. Nicholas figuresfelt hand puppetcoloring picturescardsorrnamentsmore

Find a St. Nicholas

A new, growing directory of experienced St. Nicholases in the US and Canada


St. Nicholas games for groups and individuals

Handouts & Other Things to Print 

Introduce St. Nicholas with ready-to-print PDF files for a 4-page brochure or single sheet newsletter page or handout, St. Nicholas story to print, giving tree tags and alternative gift cards, too

Home Decor 

Centerpiece and wreath ideas

Liturgical Resources

Hymns & songsorders of worshipprayersscripturesermons


Choralhymnsinstrumentalliturgicalmedieval plays & musicsongs

Plays & Scripts

Plays for children and adults; schools and churches


Beveragesbreadscandycookiesdesserts, pastry & cakesmain dishes

Stories & Poems 

St. Nicholas stories and legends for all ages

Especially for Teachers 

Stories, activities, and ideas for the classroom

Church Year Resources for Families

Simple ideas to celebrate the festivals and season of the Church Year at home

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Societies and Organizations Promoting St. Nicholas

Groups from around the world working to preserve or establish awareness of St. Nicholas and the traditions associated with him

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