St. Nicholas Songs

Vive Saint-Nicolas LP
Vive Saint-Nicolas, LP, Belgium
St Nicholas Center Collection
Allerbeste Liedjes van Sinterklaas CD cover
De Allerbeste Liedjes van Sinterklaas, CD, The Netherlands
St Nicholas Center Collection

North American Songs

 Jolly Old St. Nicholas with five updated versions, nine other songs in a variety of styles from the US and Canada

Belgian Songs

Three traditional Belgian songs

Dutch Sinterklaas Songs

Six traditional Sinterklaas songs

English Song

Contemporary song about the original Saint Nick

French Songs and Carols

Three traditional songs with a listing of French CDs

German Songs

Three traditional German songs and more

Italian Song

Progressive rock song

Norwegian Songs

Nikolas fra Patara

Scottish Song

Traditional Scottish love song from 1875

Ukrainian Songs

Children who, who love dear St. Nicholas
Vive Saint-Nicolas LP
Wasatch Christmas 2011: Saint Nicholas, James Conlee
St Nicholas Center Collection

This collection of Christmas songs, both religious and secular, doesn't have Saint Nicholas songs; it does have wonderful Saint Nicholas cover art, though!

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