Songs from North America

Dutch Record Sleeve
Dutch 45 record sleeve, 1991 Indisc
Hank Temming, Ik Vraag aan Sinterklaas een Heel Gelukkig Kerstfeest
St Nicholas Collection
Jolly Old St. Nicholas
     traditional favorite + four updated versions below
Jolly Old St. Nicholas
     a fresh interpretation, traditional tune

The Song of St. Nicholas
     a new twist to an old favorite

Saint Nicholas Song
     song tells the story of St. Nicholas, traditional tune

Jolly Old St. Nicholas
     St Nicholas shows the way to Bethlehem

Holy, good St. Nicholas 
       St. Nicholas as a saint

Santa's Prayer
     Santa's prayer at Christmas for children and the world

St. Nicholas Song
     for young children

St. Nicholas Song Prayer 
     for children

The Story of Saint Nicholas
     set to a contemporary sound

St. Nicholas 
     from Canadian pop, soul & jazz musician Glenda Rae

I'm Old St. Nicholas 
     introduces St. Nicholas to children

The Spirit of St. Nicholas
     a folk ballad

St. Nicholas Song
     from 1910

Santa and Me
     finding the real Santa Claus

Ol' Saint Nicholas 
     sung by Doris Day

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