Jolly Old St. Nicholas - Update 1

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Saint Nicholas surrounded by lilies
Banner, St Nicholas Parish Church, Newchurch, Lancashire, England
Photo: C Myers, St Nicholas Center
Jolly Old St. Nicholas
We greet you today,
You are such a special guest,
Please come in and stay.
We have been so very good
Doing what we should.
Now we celebrate with you
As we sing and play.
Johnny wants a brand new ball,
Sally wants a doll.
Good St. Nick, please leave a gift
For us one and all.
Each December we await
This great day of cheer.
It brings joy and happiness,
We are glad you're here.
Jolly Old St. Nicholas,
Help us be like you—
Being kind to young and old,
Shown in all we do.
Holy, happy, gentle man,
Now the stories told,
We now read and share with all
Your great legends bold.

Text: J M Rosenthal, 2007
Tune: TRADITIONAL Jolly Old St. Nicholas

Musical notation PDF

By the Revd Deacon J M Rosenthal for St. Nicholas Parish Church, Newchurch-in-Rossendale, Lancashire, England. Used by permission.

Mp3 file courtesy of Jennifer Wolfe and the Hope College Music Department.

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