St. Nicholas' Song

by Eleanor Amerman Sutphen, The Youth's Companion, December 15, 1910

Illustration: G. Theod. Bom, ca. 1850
from the 1st edition of Sint Nikolaas en Zijn Knecht by Jan Schenkman
St Nicholas Center Collection
St. Nicholas, St. Nicholas,
O come to us tonight,
We're gathered here to wait for you
This gladsome, merry night.
No rods for us are in your sack,
So keep them out of sight,
For ev'ry day thro' all the year
We've tried, as children should,
To speak the truth and do the right,
Be gentle, kind, and good.
St. Nicholas, St. Nicholas,
We wait for you to-night,
In readiness the sheet we've spread
So smooth upon the floor,
To catch the shower of fruits and sweets
When you're within our door.
O hasten, hasten, dear old friend,
And open wide your pack,
For ev'ry year when we've been good
We're glad to see you back.
St. Nicholas, St. Nicholas,
We wait for you tonight,
St. Nicholas, St. Nicholas,
We welcome you tonight.

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