St. Nicholas Song Prayer

by Anne Neuberger

Sing this song prayer to the tune of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas"

Nicholas putting gold in window
Illustration from St. Nicholas Online Coloring Book
He snuck out in the nighttime.
He left gifts in the darkness.
He helped many, many people,
Because he loved God so much!

Who is this secret person?
Who is this mystery?
He's called St. Nicholas,
But he's also you and me!

So, good saint, please help us
To love and give to one another.
We know that is what God asks us,
So please help us, we pray!

From A Circle of Saints: Stories and Activities for Children Ages 4–8 by Anne Neuberger, © 2009, Twenty-third Publications, New London, Connecticut. Used by permission.

Stories and activities organized by season: Advent, Christmas and early winter; Ordinary Time and mid-winter; Lent, Easter, Pentecost and spring; Ordinary Time and summer; Ordinary Time and autumn. There are six saints for each season, each with a story and suggestions for activities, food, decorations and prayer.

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