The Spirit of St. Nicholas

Saint Nicholas with donkey
Postcard: Turkey
St Nicholas Center Collection

Words and Music by Bud Davidge

Long after God Almighty sent
His Son the Christ to Bethlehem
Again He would the whole world bless
By sending one named Nicholas.
In far Patara to the East
Just before the Yule-tide feast
Born on one cold December day
To Nonna and to Throphases.
The riches that they had were naught
Compared to their own child from God
When to their son much gold bequeathed
He gave it all to those in need.
God sent him visions from above
Said, "Live your life in works of love."
In silence all he owned he gave
But no one knew the giver's name.
Gifts of gold to those in need
So he might live in poverty
God said, "Let not your secret rest
Shine forth your light, St. Nicholas."
Reluctantly in the light of day
To Myra in far Lycia
St. Nicholas heard God call his name
And Bishop to his flock became.
Far and wide would spread his name
Yet sought he not for glory vain
To take not, but to only give
That others may in comfort live.
Now all around the world he lives
And every Christmas time he gives
And so forever more will last
The spirit of St. Nicholas.
At Christmas time the world around
The love of giving still abounds
In every tongue that ever was
St. Nicholas now is Santa Claus.

There's More to Christmas CD cover

From There's More To Christmas
by Bud Davidge
Saltwater Cowboys Production, Newfoundland, Canada. Copyright © 2003 Used by permission.

Contains The Spirit of St. Nicholas,
a country folk ballad telling the story of St. Nicholas with mandolin accompaniment.

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