Orders of Worship for St. Nicholas

Holy Card, Italy
Holy Card, Italy,br.St Nicholas Center Collection

Orders of Service for Parish Use

Family Services for Church & Home

Other Services for School and more

Orthodox / Byzantine Catholic Liturgy

Orders for the Boy Bishop Ceremony

The Legend of St Nicholas in Liturgy and Art
development of the medieval Roman rite
St. Nicholas and the Dominican Propers
how St. Nicholas feast became one of three elevated feasts at the end of the 13th century

Links for 6 December St. Nicholas Feast

Lesser Feasts and Fasts
Episcopal Church, USA
Exciting Holiness: Collects & Readings for the Festivals & Lesser Festivals
Church of England
Acatistul Sfantului Ierarh Nicolae, Arhiepiscopul Mirelor Lichiei
Romanian Orthodox
Evening Prayer December 6, Nicholas of Myra, Bishop & Friend of Children, C. 342
Anglican, from The Daily Office by Josh Thomas
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