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  • Nicholas of Myra: A Saint for Advent and Christmas

    Amy Welborn
    Creative Communications for the Parish
    $1.49; quantity pricing available

    Elementary age children & families

    This small booklet is an excellent introduction to the good saint, grounding Nicholas’ concern for others in his love for Jesus. Tells the story of Nicholas’ life and how he is revered; includes sentence prayers. Affordable for distribution and could be used in the days surrounding St. Nicholas Day.

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  • Seasonal Saints Cutouts

    Brenda & George Nippert
    Nippert & Co. Artworks, 2010
    Carlisle, Pennsylvania
    11 x 17-inches; $17.50
    Set with three saints: Nicholas, Patrick & Valentine
    2 cards for each saint; one with symbols and info

    Cards to cut-out to make a bulletin board display

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  • The Story of Saint Nicholas

    Brenda & George Nippert
    Nippert & Co. Artworks, 2010
    Carlisle, Pennsylvania
    10 pack $8.00; 30/$20.00 30 with wall story $30.00
    Teaching pictures or wall story
    8 page booklet printed front & back on 8 1/2 x 11 sheet.

    Western depiction with quasi-modern clothing; nice introduction to the saint; teacher resource

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  • Sacred Art Coloring Portfolio
    Stained Glass Christmas

    Brenda Nippert
    Nippert & Co Artworks, 2016
    Carlisle, Pennsuylvania
    16 11 x 14-inch artist quality vellum prints, board and color guide

    Teens and adults

    Stained glass images to color or paint include St. Nicholas, the Christ Child, Our Lady of the Snows, Our Lady of Guadalupe, two nativity scenes, wise men, Mary and Joseph on donkey going to Bethelehem, and again fleeing away with the Babe, angels, and four advent wreaths.

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  • Saint Nicholas Activity Mural: The Life, Legends, and Miracles of St. Nicholas, Bishop of Myra

    C. E. Visminas
    Morehouse/Dumb Ox Publications, 1990/2016
    Beloit, Wisconsin

    Background on Nicholas’ life, timeline of his era, 11 stories, and pictures to color and mount to make an icon-type picture with scenes from the life of the saint—for teachers and families. This is a complete reprint of the original published by Morehouse. The individual scenes of St. Nicholas life are to be colored, cut-out, and mounted to form a 18x24-inch poster of a hagiographic St Nicholas icon.

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  • Fling Wide the Doors! An Advent and Christmastime Calendar

    Craig M. Mueller
    Liturgy Training Publications
    12-inches high; List: $15.00
    Ages: families with elementary-age children and older; adults, too
    This calendar is once again available!

    This Advent calendar follows the church year with biblical characters and saints, including John the Baptist, Nicholas, Lucy, and Los Posadas and the O Antiphons. It begins November 30th (St. Andrew’s Day) and continues through Epiphany (January 6) and the Baptism of our Lord. It forms a free-standing tower with translucent pictures which may be lighted from within. Comes with a booklet with short daily prayers and readings.

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  • A Perfect Christmas

    Dennis Eugene Engleman
    Regina Orthodox Press, 2003

    Ages: older to adult

    Told as a classic Russian Orthodox folk tale, a modern child meets the real St. Nicholas and learns a bit about compassion and the saint himself. Sumptuous illustrations by Niko Chocheli portray the Byzantine saint, accompanying lengthy text.

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  • Our Colourful Church Year

    Esther Hebert, Gesa Rensmann & Marina Spinkova, Adapted from the German by Kathleen Pearce
    Don Bosco Publications

    Elementary age children & families

    This delightful little book is the best I’ve found to introduce the liturgical year to children—and adults who need some refreshing. It includes all major festivals and six saints (Nicholas, Barbara, Lucy, Stephen, Valentine, and Martin). The church year is put into the context of the seasons and illustrated with bright, attractive pictures. Roman Catholic, it is appropriate for Protestants as well, who may simply skip a section or two. All about celebration, it is a great find!

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  • St. Nicholas: The Original Santa Claus

    Kathleen M. Carroll, John Feister, Susan Hines-Brigger
    American (St. Anthony Messenger Press), 2011
    $.99 each
    Handout leaflet, 4 pages, 8 1/2 x 11 inches

    Articles: St. Nicholas the Original Santa, St. Nick & Catholic Tradition, Honor St. Nick as a Family, How to Celebrate St. Nick’s Day

    Purchase from Liguori Publications

  • The Saints: an adult coloring book

    Mitsui, Daniel
    Ave Maria Press, 2016
    Notre Dame, Indiana

    Collection of thirty saints, including Ss. Nicholas, Mary, Peter, Paul, Francis, Lucy, Brendan, Michael and Gabriel Archangels, Anne, Cecilia, and more—both familiar and not so familiar. Lovely detailed drawings from the artist’s pen and ink artwork.

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  • Saints for Advent

    Sr. Maxine Inkel
    Creative Communications for the Parish, 1997, 2017
    Fenton, Missouri

    Small booklet with a saint for every Advent day; a story, message, activity and prayer for each saint.

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