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Here are places where you can get Dutch chocolate initial letters, chocolate figures of Sinterklaas, and other Sinterklaas items. As these are seasonal, you probably won't find them listed out-of-season. A number of shops in the US are listed, as well as shops in the Netherlands, and two in Canada. If you are in the US and want Dutch chocolate letters or other food products, the US shops are the best choice.

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Dutch Shops in the United States
Shops in the Netherlands
Dutch Shops in Canada

Dutch Shops in the United States

  • Vander Veen's: The Dutch Store

    Grand Rapids, Michigan

    Gold coins in mesh bag

    Chocolate initial letters, chocolate Sinterklaas, Vero Sint packets with marshmallow candy, and ornaments; Steenstra's St Claus cookies are available here, too

    Click to see Holiday Catalog online

    Purchase from VanderVeen's: The Dutch Store

  • Little Dutch Girl

    Spring, Texas

    Chocolate St. Nicholas figures (Sinterklaas)

    Chocolate initial letters (both large and small; dark and milk chocolate)

    Other Sinterklaas items (look under 'Holiday Foods' and 'Holiday Items' "Misc.')

    Purchase from Little Dutch Girl

  • Dutch Village

    Holland, Michigan

    Source for chocolate initial letters, wooden shoes

    DeWit Handpainted Delft (there are several Delft St. Nicholases)

    Search "Sinterklaas" to find most items

    Purchase from Dutch Village

  • A Touch of Dutch

    Coupville (Whidbey Island), Washington

    Chocolate initial letters, foil-wrapped Sints, and more

    Sinterklaas items & gifts

    Purchase from A Touch of Dutch

  • The Dutch Shop

    Marquette, Michigan

    Droste chocolate initial letters (both large and small; dark and milk chocolate)

    Purchase from The Dutch Shop

  • The Dutch Epicure Shop

    Litchfield, Connecticut

    A varieity of cookies, sweets and other items in season

    Purchase from The Dutch Epicure Shop

  • G-J Choco-Lets

    Lancaster, Pennsylvania

    1.5 ounce, 4 inches high; $3.25 each

    Chocolate letters in dark, milk, white or sugar-free chocolate

    All letters available.

    Available year-round with specialty packaging for birthdays and other occasions.

    Purchase from G-J Choco-Lets

  • Peters Gourmet Market

    Grand Rapids, Michigan

    Dutch Chocolate letters and a few other Sinterklaas products, including Kruidnoten, Pepernoten, and Taai Taai

    Purchase from Peters Gourmet Market

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Shops in the Netherlands

  • Holland Geschenkpakket

    Huizen, the Netherlands
    Sinterklaas gift baskets, chocolate letters, books
    Other Dutch gift items, mostly in quanties of 10 or 24

    Primarily wholesale, some retail

    Purchase from Holland Geschenkpakket

  • Art Unlimited

    Amsterdam, the Netherlands
    Pricing: .90 euro each, quantity pricing available
    St. Nicholas & Sinterklaas Postcards
    Postcards: 4 1/8 x 5 7/8 inches

    Saint Nicholas postcards featuring a wide variety of images from old postcards, children's book illustrations, cartoons and photos—some religious images are also included. This Dutch site is in English and it is easy to place an order. To find the 195 cards, put "Nicolas" or "Sinterklaas" in the Keyword box and "Postcards" in the Prouduct Type box. Then click "Search."

    Purchase from Art Unlimited

  • Holland at Home

    Amsterdam, the Netherlands
    Chocolate initial letters (both large and small; dark and milk chocolate) and other Sinterklaas treats.

    Holland at Home specializes in providing Dutch foods and a few other things to ex-pats all over the world.

    Purchase from Holland at Home

  • Yummy Dutch

    The Hague, the Netherlands
    Sinterklaas candy, marzipan, chocolate letters, and some specialty items

    Yummy Dutch is a new online grocery shop; shipping costs are high for small orders

    Purchase from Yummy Dutch

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Dutch Shops in Canada

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