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  • Socks for Christmas: A Child's Discovery of the True Riches of Christmas

    Amdrews, Andy
    Thomas Nelson, 2005

    A Christmas experience that enlarges a boy's heart; it isn't a St. Nicholas story but could be a discussion starter for how St. Nicholas anonymous gifts could bring joy where there is real need

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  • The Ruined and Disused Churches of Norfolk

    Batcock, Neil
    East Anglican Archaeology, Report No. 51, 1991
    Norfolk Archaeological Unit
    Norfolk Museums Service

    Comprehensive look of former churches in Norfolk, with detailed information and many photos and diagrams, including a number of St Nicholas churches

  • The Life of Saint Nicholas in Pictures and Text

    Blechman, R. O.
    Stewart, Tabori & Chang, 1966

    Rather fancifully embroidered telling with minimalist cartoon illustrations

  • St. Nicholas and the Tub

    Burland, Brian
    Holiday House, 1964

    Fanciful explanation of the tub with Nicholas—using a tub to get food to flood victims

  • The Real Santa

    Campbell, A.E.G.
    A.E.G. Campbell, 2020
    Monee, Illinois

    Nice line drawings, however, this is not the "real Santa." Pure fiction places "Niclaus" with an aunt and uncle, showing kindness and generosity. Nice story, but it obscures the real Nicholas.

  • Hans Brinker

    Coville, Bruce; illustrated by Laurel Long
    Dial Books for Young Readers, The Penguin Group, 2007

    This attractive picture book tells the story of a family struggling to survive, without the lengthy didactic social, geographical and historical material included in the original novel by Mary Mapes Dodge. This version, with only a passing reference to St. Nicholas, makes the original tale accessible to contemporary readers.

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  • Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates

    Dodge, Mary Mapes
    Charles Scribner's Sons, 1916

    Classic young people's novel with lengthy description of the St. Nicholas Festival in the Netherlands

  • The Truth About Christmas by Santa Claus

    Finley, Mitch
    Crossroad Publishing, 1997

    Santa's effort to remind people of the real meaning of Christmas

  • The Miracle of the Great St. Nicolas

    France, Anatole
    Dodo Press, 2009, original printing 1920

    Popular 19th century French author's well-known satire on St. Nicholas' saving three murdered children and the unintended consequences that ensue

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  • Golden Tales of Anatole France

    France, Anatole, illustrated by L. A. Patterson
    Dodd, Mead & Company, 1927

    Popular 19th century French author's well-known satire on St. Nicholas' saving three murdered children and seventeen other stories. Complete text

  • When Santa Fell to Earth

    Funke, Cornelia
    Scholastic, originally published in Germany, 1994, 2006

    A fantasy adventure chapter book for ages 9 to 12. When an evil grinchy character is replacing the Christmas spirit with greed, the last true Santa, named Niklas, of course, teams up with a couple ordinary children.

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  • The Annotated Night Before Christmas: A Collection of Sequels, Parodies, and Imitations of Clement Moore's Immortal Ballad about Santa Claus

    Gardner, Martin, editor
    Prometheus Books, 2005

    With an introduction and notes

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  • Santa's North Pole Cookbook: Classic Christmas Recipes from Saint Nicholas Himself

    Guinn, Jeff
    Jeremy P. Tarcher/Penguin, 2007

    70 Christmas recipes from around the world, including several from the region where St. Nicholas lived; recipes for breakfast, main dishes, as well as desserts and more

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  • The Autobiography of Santa Claus: It's Better to Give

    Guinn, Jeff, ed.
    Summit, 1994

    Blends fact with legend and more flights of fantasy

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  • Mince Pie and Mistletoe

    McGinley, Phyllis
    Lippincott, 1959, 1961

    Poems which trace American customs to their origin, nicely illustrated by Harold Berson

  • Santa & Pete: A Novel of Christmas Present and Past

    Moore, Christopher and Johnson, Pamela
    Simon & Schuster, 1998

    A fictitious account set in New York of how things might have been with Santa and his Dutch sidekick, Pete

  • The Santa Club

    Moss, Kelly
    Palmary Press, 2011
    Henderson, Nevada

    This book offers a fresh way to answer the question, "Is Santa Real?" while preserving both facts and the magic of Christmas. The approach may be adapted from what is presented in the book.

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  • The Faith of St. Nick: An Advent Devotional

    Nichols, Ann
    Barbour Publishing, 2012

    An imaginative melding of abstract concepts, fictionalized Nicholas accounts and King James Bible verses. No illustrations.

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  • The Gospel in Art: The Nativity of the Saints Altarpiece Pietro Orioli

    Nichols, Cardinal Vincent
    Alive Publishing, 2018
    Stoke on Trent, England

    A meditation on the Orioli altarpiece that includes Saint Nicholas, showing that God's nature is that of total self-giving. Nicholas' presence in the painting indicates that the birth of Christ is timeless; we can know him at any time, in any place.

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  • Your Child and Santa: Help with the Christian Parent's Dilemma

    Norfleet, Glenn
    Tate Publishing, 2006

    Background on the real St. Nicholas and suggestions for including Santa as part of Christmas, while being honest with the child

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  • Stories of Saint Nicholas

    Paulding, James Kirke
    Syracuse University Press, 1995

    Paulding is from the Knickerbocker School, like Washington Irving; these fictional St. Nicholas stories draw on Dutch American customs around 1830; reprint.

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  • A Pictorial History of Santa Claus

    Rice, Brian
    Chatto & Windus, London, 1995

    A tongue-in-cheek presentation of Santa in the paintings of the great masters through the ages

  • Medieval Wall Paintings in English & Welsh Churches

    Rosewell, Roger
    The Boydell Press, Woodbridge, Suffolk, England, 2008

    Wonderful comprehensive look at medieval wall paintings; 250 color photos, excellent indexes by subject and location

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  • Strolling about Bari

    Sansipersico, Anna, translator
    Gelsorosso, Bari, Italy, 2010

    Introduction to Bari, with sections on San Nicola and the Basilica; includes detailed maps

  • The LIfe of St. Nicholas of Sion

    Sevcenko, Ihor and Nancy Patterson Sevcenko
    Hellenic College Press, Brookline, Massachusetts, 1984

    Text and translation of the 6th century account of Nicholas of Sion; this text became melded with accounts of Nicholas of Myra so that many of the episodes associated with Nicholas of Myra are rooted in the life of Nicholas of Sion. Greek and English.

  • The Unwrapping of Theodora Quirke

    Smailes, Caroline
    RedDoor Press, 2020
    Brentford, London, England

    This fantasy novel set in Liverpool, England, has rather raw language, as are the characters. This is especially so in the early part of the book—if this is an issue for you, do not read it. However, the book captures much of the real St. Nicholas in a magical tale of redemption.

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  • Bones of Contention

    Tabellione, John
    Lulu, 2020

    This novel puts together St. Nicholas history with international intrigue among Russia, Italy, and Turkey, surrounding St. Nicholas' relics. Consider the Kindle edition as the print edition formatting lacks gutter margin making it somewhat difficult to read.

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  • The St. Nicholas Solution: Use lessons from St. Nick to transform your Christmas . . . AND YOUR LIFE!

    Thompson, Jim
    Shiny iUniverse, Inc, 2003

    A plan for a Christmas full of magic, fun, and not stress, with changes related to the life and legends of St. Nicholas.

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  • Maybe The Truth About Santa

    Zalewski, Amy Powell
    Shiny Red Ball Publishing, 2005

    A simple guide to help children make up their own minds about Santa being real as the spirit of giving

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