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  • The Truth About Santa Claus

    Barrington, Alan
    Genesis Communications Inc., Mobile, Alabana, 1997

    Simple explanation of how Nicholas became Santa Claus and how everyone is to love like Jesus did, now on Kindle

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  • The Story of Saint Nicholas: A story of humble generosityi

    "Brother Francis"
    Herald Entertainment, Inc., 2018
    McKinney, Texas

    Elementary age children

    Introduction to Saint Nicholas, emphasizing his generosity. It embroiders the tradition, showing him as a very rich, indulged young boy, parents die in an "accident" rather than an epidemic, and he isn't restored to the bishopric after the encounter with Arius.

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  • The Twenty Miracles of Saint Nicholas

    Bryson, Bernarda
    Atlantic Little-Brown, 1960

    Fine retellings of Nicholas legends, well and plentifully illustrated; a treasure

  • Saint Nicholas

    Clark, Lisa
    CreateSpace, 2012
    Lexington, Kentucky

    Simple story of a girl who goes looking to answer the question, "Is there really a Santa Claus?"

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  • From Saint to Sint to Santa: The Story of St. Nicholas

    de Groot - Crone
    Uitgeverij Boekscout, 2017
    Soest, the Netherlands
    Paperback, nicely illustrated by Aad Voermans

    Older children - adults

    The story of Sinterklaas in the Netherlands for English-speakers.

  • The Legend of Saint Nicholas

    McElderry Books, 2003

    Beautiful gilded illustrations tell the full story of the good saint.

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  • A Perfect Christmas

    Engleman, Dennis Eugene
    Regina Orthodox Press, 2003

    Lavishly illustrated fanciful tale of a young doubting boy who comes to understand the real St Nicholas and compassion for those in need.

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  • Saint Nicholas & the Nine Gold Coins

    Forest, Jim; illustrated by Vladislov Andrejev
    St Vladimir's Seminary Press, 2015
    Yonkers, New York

    Well-told story of St Nicholas and the dowry gold, seamlessly includes background and Jesus' teachings. Beautifully illustrated with rich, full-color iconographic art. A short accessible section at the end fills out more detail of Nicholas' story. Large-size picture book.

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  • Saint Nicholas

    Ghéon, Henri
    Sheed & Ward, 1936

    Delightful story with two-color illustrations by Elisabeth Ivanovsky

  • The Storm and the Sea: A Story About the Life of St. Nicholas

    Gidus-Mecera, Ann Marie
    St. Ignatius of Antioch Press, 1992

    Six stories of St. Nicholas, nicely illustrated

  • The Legend of Saint Nicholas

    Grün, Anselm, illustrated by Giuliano Ferri
    translated by Laura Watkinson

    Eerdmans Books for Young People, 2014
    Grand Rapids, Michigan & Cambridge, United Kingdom
    Originally published by Verlag Herder GmbH, Germany

    Nicely illustrated with double-page, soft pictures; included stories: dowry, selection as bishop, saving sailors, famine relief, and the two golden cups. Very nice introduction to St. Nicholas.

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  • The Sunbonnet Babies in Holland

    Grover, Eulalie Osgood
    Rand McNally, 1915

    Sunbonnet babies visit Holland; one chapter on St. Nicholas Day; nicely tinted illustrations

  • Papa's Christmas Gift: Around the World on the Night Before Christmas

    Harness, Cheryl
    Simon & Schuster, 1995

    Set in Clement Clark Moore's house, customs around the world are shown with St. Nicholas in the Netherlands

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  • The True Story of Saint Nicholas

    Haskell, Rebecca Benson
    Alan C. Hood & Co., new edition, 2006,(1964, 1997)

    Simple little book, suitable for Christmas Eve reading aloud.

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  • A Letter from Saint Nicholas: To Children of Every Age

    Hornbacher, Jay
    Beaver's Pond Press, 2019
    Edina, Minnesota

    A lovely fable that leads all of us, along with Nicholas, to the Christ Child. The story is set in time travel and connects with Nicholas' spirit of generosity, rooted in his encounter with the Christ Child.

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  • Tales of the Tick-Tock Time Traveler: St. N:icholas's Secret

    Johnson, Karla
    Higher Life Development Services, 2009

    Nicholas story woven into a time travel adventure, cartoon-style illustrations; tone a little preachy in spots.

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  • The Secret of Saint Nicholas

    Kamols, Mary Anne
    Sid Harta Publishers, Australia, 2000

    A gentle story answers the question, is Father Christmas were real; blends the Bishop of Myra's story and Christmas gift-giving; keeps the magic of Christmas honest.

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  • A Gift From Saint Nicholas

    Kismaric, Carole
    Holiday House, 1988

    Freely adapted from the classic Felix Timmermans story; lavishly illustrated by Charles Mikolaycak

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  • Mommy, Was Santa Claus Born on Christmas Too?

    Knoll, Barbara
    Destiny Image Publishers, Shippensburg, PA, 1995

    The question is answered by telling stories of St Nicholas

  • Just Nicholas

    Kratzsch, Annie
    Matthias Media, 2015
    Sydney, Australia
    Youngstown, Ohio

    Introduction to the idea of Saint Nicholas—gives the basic understanding of the dowry story, but without Nicholas becoming a bishop, rather a good man who loved God and gave away his wealth

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  • A Saint Called Nicholas

    Lomax, L. E.
    Abbott Press, 2012

    A mixture of rhyme and text with some simplified information about Nicholas customs around the world; emphasis on punishment, more so than in contemporary observances; the story of St. Nicholas and why he is a saint is not included

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  • The Legend of St. Nicholas: A Story of Christmas Giving

    Mackall, Dandi Daley
    ZonderKidz, Zondervan, 2007

    Not recommended, inaccurate portrayal of life in the 4th century and distortion of Nicholas traditions

  • Wooden Shoes in America

    Maloy, Lois and Alice Dalgliesh
    Charles Scribners Sons, 1940
    The Children of Today from Children of Yesterday

    Stories about Dutch children set in the North America, one about Saint Nicholas; nicely illustrated

  • The Real Santa Claus

    Mayer, Marianna
    Phyllis Fogelman Books (Putnam), 2001

    The story of St. Nicholas, the real Santa, richly illustrated with classic art from the masters.

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  • Tales Told in Holland (My Travelship)

    Miller, Olive Beaupré, illustrated by Maud and Miska Petersham
    The Book House for Children, 1926

    Folk and other tales from Holland, colorful illustrations, some patterned on classic works; St Nicholas legend is included; still appealing nearly a century later

  • The Legend of St. Nicholas

    Morgenthaler, Verena
    Henry Z. Walck, 1970

    Fine presentation of Saint Nicholas; German edition, "Die Legende von Sankt Nikolaus," Orell Füssli, Zürich, 1971, is still in print

  • The Secret of St. Nicholas

    Nibali, Ellen
    Fairland Books, 2008

    Story of a very young Nicholas using his fortune to save three young girls.

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  • The Story of Saint Nicholas

    Nippert, Brenda & George
    Nippert & Co Artworks, 2010
    Carlisle, Pennsylvania
    Small 8-page booklet to assemble

    Western depiction with quasi-modern clothing; nice introduction to the saint; teacher resource

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  • The Story of St. Nicholas: More than Reindeer and a Red Suit

    Odden, Cheryl
    Voice of the Martyrs, Bartlesville, OK, 2006

    The story of St. Nicholas with an emphasis on his imprisonment and steadfast faith

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  • The Legend of the Christmas Stocking: The Inspirational Story of a Wish Come True

    Osborne, Rick
    ZonderKidz, Zondervan, 2004

    Story loosely set in the early 1800s reinforces generosity with the story of Saint Nicholas. Also available as a board book with condensed text.

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  • An Orange for Frankie

    Polacco, Patricia
    Philomel Books, 2004

    This isn't really a St. Nicholas story, but shows how widespread and special oranges have been at Christmas; a story of giving and forgiveness.

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  • Saint Nicholas in Holland

    Ramaker, Theo, and some of his friends
    Het Parool, Amsterdam, undated

    Small booklet with black/white photos, songs, info on Sinterklaas

  • The Saint Nicholas Day Snow

    Riggle, Charlotte; R. J. Hughes, illustrator
    Phoenix Flair Press, 2017

    Story weaves a number of themes together: two girls blending their St. Nicholas traditions, the illness of a grandmother, sensitive inclusion of a girl with mobility challenges. Set in an Orthodox home, each page features the main story about two girls' friendship along with a pictured St. Nicholas church from different parts of the world, and a vignette of the grandmother. More information is found in the back pages, as well.

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  • www.stnicholas

    Rosenthal, James M, illus. by Max Blake
    Bari Press, Canterbury UK, 2000

    Two English children learn about Father Christmas/Santa

  • The Miracle of the Wooden Shoes

    Rowley, Deborah Pace
    Deseret Book, Salt Lake City, 2008

    Written for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the tender story is set in Germany, telling of a family visited by St. Nicholas and Mormon missionaries

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  • The Christmas Anna Angel

    Sawyer, Ruth
    E. M. Hale and Company, 1944, 1972

    A St. Nicholas story set in Hungary, illustrated by Kate Seredy

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  • Saint Nicholas

    Schindler, Regine
    St Paul Publications, England, 1990

    Tells the story of Father Christmas and how to give caring gifts that reflect Jesus' care for others

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  • The Life of Saint Nicholas the Wonder-worker

    Seco, Nina
    A Cloud of Witnesses Book, St. Nectarios Press, 1994

    Small book nicely illustrated by Ruth Duckworth.

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  • The Baker's Dozen: A Saint Nicholas Tale

    Shepard, Aaron
    Skyhook Press (Atheneum), 1995, 2010

    Retelling of an Early American folk tale, the origin of "a baker's dozen"–St. Nicholas develops a spirit of generosity; beautiful detailed illustrations by Wendy Edelson. Now in a new 15th anniversary edition with pattern and recipe for St. Nicholas cookies

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  • Santa Claus Comes to America

    Singer, Caroline and Cyrus Leroy Baldridge
    Alfred A. Knopf, 1942

    Tells of Saint Nicholas and Santa in America and around the world

  • The Life of Saint Nicholas

    Smith, Verena
    Burns & Oates, 1966

    Excellent book, illustrations by Emile Probst still look fresh

  • The Cheerful Giver

    Soliman, Michael
    Clockfly Technologies, 2022

    Tell St. Nicholas' story with animated story telling. Download the Coptic Smart Kids app (both Apple App Store & Google Play) that narrates the story on a phone and fits into the pop-up book to tell the story. You need the Smart Book Serial Number code that comes with the book to activate the story on the app. Click for illustration.

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  • Saint Nicholas

    Soytürk, Isik

    A Turkish interpretation of St Nicholas as a secular humanitarian; also available in Turkish and German

  • Saint Nicholas: The Real Story of the Christmas Legend

    Steigemeyer, Julie
    Concordia, 2006

    Board book edition, story of Nicholas with focus on God's love in Jesus, not as heavy theologically as the original version

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  • Saint Nicholas and the Mouse of Myra

    Stoeckl, Jay
    Paraclete Press, 2014
    Brewster, Massachusetts

    Graphic novel tells St. Nicholas' story with a philosophical mouse providing counterpoint and challenge to Nicholas; eight chapters include all the primary accounts, revealing Nicholas' deep faith and commitment to caring for others. Excellent, highly recommended.

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  • A Day to Remember

    Stone, Bernard, illustrated by Anton Pieck
    Four Winds Press, 1981

    Pictorial depiction of the Feast of St Nicholas in a small 19th century Dutch town

  • St. Nicholas of Myra or The Real Life of Santa Claus

    Stripling, Augustine Scott, illustrated by Claudia Coose
    St. Elias Bookstore, Austin, Texas, 1984

    Black and white block prints illustrate the story

  • St. Nicholas in Trouble

    Timmermans, Felix, translated by Amy Flashner
    Harper & Brothers, circa 1932

    Popular illustrated tale from Flanders is still in print in Germany; excellent English translation; illlustrated by Else Wenz-Viëtor

  • Saint Nicholas

    Tompert, Ann
    Boyds Mills Press, 2000

    Simply told story based on both life and legend; unusual mosaic style illustrations.

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  • Waiting for Sinterklaas: A Family in the Netherlands

    Tremblay, Hélène
    Peguis Publishers, Winnipeg, Canada, 1997

    Part of Families of the World series, story tells of Dutch life during Sinterklaas season.

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  • Cobblestone Lane

    Van Der Groen, Bé
    Pilgrim Press, 1947

    A new twist on the Dutch custom when St. Nicholas is sick in bed everyone else does the giving

  • Kersti and Saint Nicholas

    van Stockum, Hilda
    Boissevain Books, Junior Literary Guild/Viking (1940), 1940, 2010

    A naughty little girl's adventures with Saint Nicholas help him show mercy instead of judgment; reissue updates language to remove 1940s stereotyping, though the older editions have larger illustrations

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  • The True History of Santa Claus

    Vittachi, Nury
    PPP Company Limited, Hong Kong, 2003

    A ten-year-old boy, who stopped believing in Santa Claus when he was nine, has an adventure that causes him to believe again—this time in the real Santa, too. The tale includes Christmas Eve miracles, gifts, stockings, magic and snow, while being factual, historical and true to the story in Bethlehem. Highly recommended for children (and adults) asking questions about Santa.

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  • Nicholas of Myra: A Saint for Advent and Christmas

    Welborn, Amy
    Creative Communications for the Parish

    Elementary age children & families

    This small booklet is an excellent introduction to the good saint, grounding Nicholas' concern for others in his love for Jesus. Tells the story of Nicholas' life and how he is revered; includes sentence prayers. Affordable for distribution and could be used in the days surrounding St. Nicholas Day.

    Purchase from Creative Communications for the Parish

  • The Miracle of Saint Nicholas

    Whelan, Gloria
    Ignatius Press, 1997

    Story set in Russia tells of the enduring faith of a small village as a young boy's dream for the church evokes a miracle.

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  • The Legend of Christmas: The Untold Story of the Real St. Nicholas

    White, Theresa
    Living Parables of Central Florida, 2022

    Unusual story told through Nicholas' dreams while in prison.

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  • The Netherlands: a Children's view of . . .

    Wijk, Marie
    Edu'Actief, Netherlands, 1993

    Drawings by Dutch children illustrate life in the Netherlands, including St Nicholas (sponsored by the Netherlands UNESCO Committee)

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