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  • Saint Nicholas

    Ann Tompert
    Boyds Mills Press, 2000
    List: $15.95
    Ages: 4-10

    This simply told story of St. Nicholas is based on both life and legend. Unusual mosaic style illustrations.

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  • Children of God Storybook Bible

    Archbishop Desmond Tutu
    Zondervan, 2010
    List: $18.99
    Age four - elementary age children & families

    If you are looking for a children's Bible, you can't do better than this! 50 Bible stories retold for children, illustrated by 20 artists from around the world. Anyone who reads this Bible will know God loves them and how God wants people to live. Highly recommended. (Cover shown is UK edition)

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  • The Legend of Saint Nicholas

    by Anselm Grün, illustrated by Giuliano Ferri
    translated by Laura Watkinson

    Eerdmans Books for Young People, 2014
    Grand Rapids, Michigan & Cambridge, United Kingdom
    Originally published by Verlag Herder GmbH, Germany

    Nicely illustrated with double-page, soft pictures; included stories: dowry, selection as bishop, saving sailors, famine relief, and the two golden cups. Very nice introduction to St. Nicholas.

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  • Santa's Secret Story

    Cornelia Mary Bilinsky
    Pauline Books & Media, 2011

    Elementary age

    Rachel learns who Santa really is and how to share God's love

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  • My Christmas Stocking: Filled with God's Love

    Crystal Bowman
    ZonderKidz, Zondervan, 2006
    List: $6.99 Board book
    Ages: 3 and up

    Shaped board book with simple introduction to Saint Nicholas and the stocking tradition; whimsical illustrations.

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  • The Legend of Saint Nicholas

    McElderry Books, 2003
    List: $19.95
    Ages: 5-10

    Beautifully gilded illustrations tell the full story of St Nicholas, concluding, "Throughout the world today, whether he goes by the name of St. Nicholas, Sinter Klaas, or Santa Claus, this figure who shows enormous generosity, a love of children, deep care for the poor and needy, and a completely selfless nature is considered to embody the spirit of Christmas and the true spirit of the Lord."

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  • The Secret of St. Nicholas

    Ellen Nibali
    Fairland Books, West Friendship, Maryland, 2008
    List: $16.95 paperback
    Elementary age children & families

    This story focuses on how a very young Nicholas used his inherited fortune to save three young women in secret. Full color illustrations.

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  • The Saint Who Became Santa Claus

    Evelyn Bence
    Regina Press, 2002
    List: $6.95
    Ages: 4-8

    Attractive small book tells two Nicholas stories (the dowry money and famine) and nicely relates St. Nicholas to Santa Claus, ending, "Most of all, Saint Nicholas wants us to thank God for the gift of the Christ Child, Jesus, who taught us how to love one another; and whose birth makes Christmas a Holy Day for all of us."

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  • Christmas Is . . .

    Gail Gibbons
    Holiday House, 2001
    List: $6.95 paperback
    Ages: 4-8

    Good information about Christmas; begins with the Christ Child and introduces a number of Christmas symbols. The St. Nicholas pages tell of the gold landing in a stocking and make the connection to Santa.

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  • Santa Who?

    Gail Gibbons
    Morrow Junior Books
    List: $15.95
    Ages: 4-8

    Nice introduction to bishop St. Nicholas. Tells how Santa developed and the stories of other gift givers.

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  • Can We Help You, Saint Nicholas?

    Gerda Marie Scheidl
    North-South Books, 1992
    List: $6.95
    Ages: 4-8

    Originally published in Switzerland, this gentle story tells of animals helping a somewhat confused Saint Nicholas. Nice images of a Bishop Nicholas.

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  • The Miracle of Saint Nicholas

    Gloria Whelan
    Bethlehem Books, 1997
    List: $14.95
    Ages: 4-8

    Story set in Russia tells of the enduring faith of a small village as a young boy's dream for the church evokes a miracle.

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  • Santa, Are You for Real?

    Harold Myra
    Thomas Nelson, 1987
    List: $7.99
    Ages: 4-8

    Rhyming story helps children discover that there was a real Saint Nicholas; keeps Jesus at the heart of Christmas. The author is president of Christianity Today.

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  • 24 Christmas Stories to Welcome Jesus

    Ignatius Press

    Ages 4-9

    Twenty-four stories for the days of Advent; fresh retelling of biblical and saints' stories, with modern and a few classic tales. Nicely illustrated. Originally from France.

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  • A Letter from Saint Nicholas: To Children of Every Age

    Jay Hornbacher
    Beaver's Pond Press, 2019
    Edina, Minnesota
    List: $18.95

    A lovely fable that leads all of us, along with Nicholas, to the Christ Child. The story is set in time travel and connects with Nicholas' spirit of generosity, rooted in his encounter with the Christ Child.

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  • Saint Nicholas and the Mouse of Myra

    Jay Stoeckl
    Paraclete Press, 2014

    Graphic novel tells St. Nicholas' story with a philosophical mouse providing counterpoint and challenge to Nicholas; eight chapters include all the important stories, revealing Nicholas' deep faith and commitment to caring for others. Excellent, highly recommended.

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  • Saint Nicholas & the Nine Gold Coins

    Jim Forest, illustrated by Vladislov Andrejev
    St Vladimir's Seminary Press, 2015

    Well-told story of St Nicholas and the dowry gold, seamlessly includes background and Jesus' teachings. Beautifully illustrated with rich, full-color iconographic art. A short accessible section at the end fills out more detail of Nicholas' story. Large-size picture book.

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  • Saint Nicholas: The Real Story of the Christmas Legend

    Julie Stiegemeyer
    Concordia Publishing House, 2003, 2005
    List: $6.99 Board book edition
    Ages: 4 and up

    Nicholas is introduced through the well-known story of the three sisters who need dowry money. Simply told for young children, this shorter board book edition is good for use with both young and older children. We like it much better than the longer original version.

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  • Tales of the Tick-Tock Time Traveler: St. Nicholas's Secret

    Karla Johnson
    Higher Life Development Services, 2009
    List: $14.99
    Ages: 6–9

    Nicholas story woven into a time travel adventure with cartoon-style illustrations; tone a little preachy in spots.

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  • The Real Santa Claus

    Marianna Mayer
    Phyllis Fogelman Books
    List: $16.95

    This story of St. Nicholas, the bishop who was the real Santa Claus, is lavishly illustrated with classic Christian art. Each page is a single story which could be read to younger children.

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  • The True History of Santa Claus

    Nury Vittachi
    PPP Company Limited, 2003

    Ages: 9 and up (whenever questions about Santa Claus are asked)

    A ten-year-old boy, who stopped believing in Santa Claus when he was nine, has an adventure that causes him to believe again—this time in the real Santa, too. The tale includes Christmas Eve miracles, gifts, stockings, magic and snow, while being factual, historical and true to the story in Bethlehem. Highly recommended for children (and adults) asking questions about Santa.

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  • The True Story of Santa Claus

    Paul Prokop
    Pauline Books & Media, 2000
    List: $5.95
    Ages: 4-8

    Santa Claus tells a young boy the story of Saint Nicholas and how Jesus asked him to continue looking after the world's children—and so he brings gifts every year and to remind children that Jesus is God's best gift.

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  • The True Story of Saint Nicholas

    Rebecca Benson Haskell
    Alan C. Hood & Co., 2006 edition, (1964, 1997)
    List: $16.00

    Simple little book, suitable for Christmas Eve reading aloud.

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  • The Baker's Dozen: A Saint Nicholas Tale

    retold by Aaron Shepard
    Skyhook Press (Atheneum), 2010 (1995)
    List: $10.00
    Ages 4-8

    Retelling of an Early American folk tale, the origin of "a baker's dozen"–St. Nicholas develops a spirit of generosity; beautiful detailed illustrations by Wendy Edelson. Now in a new 15th anniversary edition with pattern and recipe for St. Nicholas cookies

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  • Saint Nicholas: The story of the real Santa Claus

    retold by Mary Joslin
    Lion Children's Books, Oxford, UK, 2003
    List: $14.95 hardback or £4.99 paperback
    Ages: 5 and up

    Nicely illustrated picture book version of St Nicholas' best-known story of kindness and generosity.

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  • The Legend of the Christmas Stocking: The Inspirational Story of a Wish Come True

    Rick Osborne
    ZonderKidz, Zondervan, 2004
    List: $21.99
    Ages: 5 and up

    Loosely set in the early 1800s the story tells of a boy and how the story of Saint Nicholas leads to generosity.

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  • The Legend of the Christmas Stocking: An Inspirational Story of a Wish Come True

    Rick Osborne
    ZonderKidz, Zondervan, 2006
    List $6.99 Board book
    Ages: 5 and up

    Board book version with condensed text

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  • A St. Nicholas Story or The Fiercest Little Animal In The Forest

    Terri Reinhart
    Patrick's Press, 2009
    List: $12.95
    Age preschool - primary children & families

    Gentle story shows St. Nicholas' generosity and care for those in need as he enlists the help of the most unlikely animals. Helping others changes hearts. Story is in the Waldorf tradition. Soft full-color illustrations.

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  • The Saint who would be Santa Claus:
    The True Life and Trials of Nicholas of Myra

    Adam C. English
    Baylor University Press, 2012

    A careful look at the real historic person, Nicholas of Myra, this accessible account brings together primary source material, modern scholarship, and tradition over the centuries from many places to create a compelling account of Nicholas' life and why it has been so influential, even today. Fully annotated.

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  • How St. Nicholas Became Santa Claus: The True Story: PROJECT BOOK

    Bernie Marquis and Theresa Frances Myers
    Pauline Books & Media, 1993
    List: $5.98 paperback
    Ages: 4-8

    Activities and coloring pages reinforce the real St. Nicholas who points to the true center of Christmas.

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  • The Unwrapping of Theodora Quirke

    Caroline Smailes
    RedDoor Press, 2020
    Brentford, London, England


    This fantasy novel set in Liverpool, England, has rather raw language, as are the characters. This is especially so in the early part of the book—if this is an issue for you, do not read it. However, the book captures much of the real St. Nicholas in a magical tale of redemption.

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  • The Saint Nicholas Secret: A Story of Childhood Faith Reborn in the Heart of a Father

    Dennis E. Engleman, 2003 (Conciliar Press, 1999), List: $14.97 or ebook $9.97

    A father's story of rediscovering St Nicholas, saint of the church, and sharing it with his children, with suggestions for parents from an Orthodox Christian perspective.

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  • Santa Claus: A Biography

    Gerry Bowler
    McClelland & Smith, Toronto, Canada, 2005
    List: $26.95

    Excellent and entertaining account of how American Santa came to be. Fine background of Saint Nicholas and the book puts to rest a number of common myths concerning the evolution of Santa Claus.

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  • Nicholas: The epic journey from Saint to Santa Claus

    Jeremy Seal
    Bloomsbury, New York & London, 2005
    List: $24.95

    Journey with this popular travel writer through time and across the globe to discover how and why Nicholas has evolved into Santa Claus and Father Christmas. Also published as Santa: A Life in the UK

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  • From the Holly Jolly to the Holy: Reclaiming the sacred during Advent and Christmas

    Jim Rosenthal
    Forward Movement & Morehouse Publishing, 2013
    Let St. Nicholas help recover the joy and holiness of Advent & Christmas. Adult devotional booklet with scripture and reflection for all the days of Advent and Christmas; St. Nicholas shows how to live with true Christian compassion and generosity while leadeing to the Bethlehem manger.
    Available as ebook for Kindle, Nook & iPad

    Adult devotional for Advent & Christmas

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  • St. Nicholas: A closer look at Christmas

    Joe Wheeler & Jim Rosenthal
    Thomas Nelson, London, 2005

    Generously illustrated full-color coffee table book will delight the eye with images of Saint Nicholas from around the globe, many full-page. Rosenthal, a great friend and associate of the St. Nicholas Center, provided the illustrations from his extensive collection of St. Nicholas postcards, church photographs and items reflecting popular culture.

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  • The Real St. Nicholas: Tales of Generosity and Hope From Around the World

    Louise Carus
    Quest Books, 2002

    This book offers a St. Nicholas folktale or legend from around the world for each day in December. Stories to share that will help restore the true meaning of the holiday season.

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  • Wonderworker: The True Story of How St. Nicholas Became Santa Claus

    Msgr. Vincent A. Yzermans
    ACTA Publications, 2004 (1994)
    List: $12.95
    Ages: 12 and up

    Written for a three-year old nephew to read when 13 or 14, this comprehensive, illustrated account helps people today understand how Nicholas became known as a Wonderworker and the evolution of modern-day Santa. An easy read, especially for adults who want to tell children about St. Nicholas, or just understand for themselves.

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  • Icon of Gentleness: St. Nicholas

    Rosenthal, J M
    James Rosenthal, 2020
    London, England
    Also available in a Kindle edition

    Good basic introduction to Saint Nicholas and some of his traditions around the world

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  • The Santa Papers
    St. Nichols of Myra: the unofficial autobiography

    Wally Metts, jr
    Kadesh Press, 2012

    Breezy, easy-to-read account introduces St. Nicholas, especially for evangelicals who may not know very much, if anything, about him. Told in contemporary vernacular in the saint's first-person voice.

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