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St. Nicholas Croziers & Crozier Tops


Complete Croziers

Easiest crozier ever!

Crozier top with five staff sections. Use four sections to make a crozier 5-feet 2-inches high. It is an appropriate height and more stable than using all five sections.

Simply screw the sections together, using the one with a finished end last. This makes a lightweight crozier that is easy to transport and store.

St Nicholas Crozier
Actual size 5-feet 2 inches tall
St Nicholas Crozier pieces

Complete plastic crozier with crozier top + 4 sections
Crozier is 5-ft 2-in, made with 4 sections
Comes with 5 sections, recommend using just 4!

$25.00 + s&h

Crozier Tops

St Nicholas Crozier

Make your own crozier!

Plastic Crozier Top

12-inch curl with 1½-inch stem

Easily make a crozier: Purchase a 5-foot length of 3/4-inch PVC pipe and a 3/4-inch couple in the plumbing supply section of a hardware store. Paint the pipe and couple with metallic gold spray paint. Let dry. Trim 1/2-inch from the bottom of the crozier stem (it is too long to fit all the way into the couple). Assemble and the crozier is ready to use.

Please note that the paint finish is a bit marred on some of the crozier tops. That is the way they came—and it is also why we have been able to hold the price steady. So, you may need to spray the crozier top, too, when you spray the PVC pipe.

$10.00 + s&h

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