Information for Express Shipping

Express Mail service, providing overnight or second day delivery to most US locations, is available. Express Mail delivers 365 days a year, including Sundays and holidays for an additional fee. Expected delivery dates we've found to be reliable, though the guaranteed date may be an additional day. If you are really desperate, we can do FedEx Overnight, but the cost is higher.

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Please read this before requesting an express shipment. We cannot make the adjustment by phone or by email;payment must be sent as detailed below.

Our regular orders all go out by Priority Mail, normally a 2–3 day delivery service. Orders are usually sent the day after receipt. During our busy season they often go out the same day. If you need the order faster, this is the process:

   1) Place your order;

   2) E-mail below to request Express Mail shipment (include your telephone number, required for some services); and do say when you need the package;

   3) Watch for our e-mail with the Express shipping charge;

   4) Send additional payment for Express shipping; package will be sent ONLY after the additional payment is received;

   5) Shipment sent.

We cannot add the Express shipping amount to your original order, as we haven't our own merchant account. You must send it as a separate payment through Paypal. The link to do that will be in the e-mail telling you how much it will cost.

Express mail fees usually begin at an additional $15 to $25, and may be more, depending on the weight and distance. That is why the order has to be packed and weighed before calculating the amount.

E-mail to request Express Mail shipment (please include your telephone number as it may be required)

Express shipments will be sent only after receiving the additional payment.

So, you need to get our note right away and send immediate payment. If that is a problem, it is probably faster to simply have the parcel go by Priority Mail. Otherwise days may go by as we try to work out the details.

We do everything we can to send orders in a timely fashion and we do try to work with special requests.

Thank you for your support—and understanding during our busy season!

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