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  • Becoming Santa

    Featuring Jack Sanderson
    Cinema Libre Studio, 2011
    List: $19.95
    DVD 93 minutes
    For adults and children who have already figured things out

    This documentary tells about a man who lost the Christmas spirit and decided to try to recapture it by becoming Santa for one season. He bleaches his beard, buys a Santa suit and heads off to Santa school. Along the way Santa's story is told and St. Nicholas Center helps tell about the original St. Nicholas.

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  • Saint Nicholas: The Real Story

    Stuart Lachlan Bennett
    Vision Video, 2015
    DVD 55 minutes

    In depth look at the life and times of St. Nicholas. Scenes from the places he lived, expert commentary about historical and scientific discoveries, along with some of the saint's stories

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  • The Saints: Series One
    St. Nicholas: They called him the Wonder-Worker
    St. Nicholas, St. Haralambos, St. Anthony

    Ellinas Multimedia
    List: $24.95
    DVD 30 minutes

    Ages: 7-adult

    Orthodox priests and iconographers discuss the life and significance of St. Nicholas. Find out why he is the "real Santa," what happened at the Council of Nicaea, and much more.

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  • Where is Winky's Horse
    Waar is het Paard van Sinterklaas?

    BosBros Film-TV Productions; kaBOOM! Entertainment, Peace Arch Home Entertainment, 2007, 2009
    List $9.99
    DVD 80 minutes
    Family entertainment
    English, French

    Sequel to "Winky's Horse;" Winky is finally allowed to ride—what happens to Sinterklaas' horse Amerigo?

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  • Winky's Horse
    Het Paard van Sinterklaas

    BosBros Film-TV Productions; kaBOOM! Entertainment, Peace Arch Home Entertainment, 2005, 2008
    List $9.99
    English, French
    DVD 95 minutes

    Family entertainment

    Sweet story of young Chinese girl, Winky, who comes to the Netherlands. Everything is different, and hard, for her. Story tells of her introduction to Sinterklaas and her dream of having a horse.

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  • Saint Nicholas: A Story of Joyful Giving

    VeggieTales, Big Idea, 2009
    List: $14.98 DVD
    DVD 45 minutes
    Ages: 4-8

    Animated story features Veggie characters in a fanciful tale. The story, taking liberties with Nicholas' tradition, portrays a lost little boy who travels to find meaning only to return home where a classic selfish villain has taken over, prohibiting all kinds of gift giving. With usual Veggie humor and appeal, there is a nice emphasis on giving. This tale may encourage further investigation to find the real story of Saint Nicholas.

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  • Epic Tales in the Lives of the Saints: Series 1
    Saints Nicholas, Francis, Julie, Clare, Patrick

    Picture Box Animation
    DVD 26 minutes total; Nicholas segment about 5 minutes
    For children and adults

    Animated wood-like figures tell the dowry story and a little more; excellent introduction to Saint Nicholas

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  • Nicholas: The Boy Who Became Santa

    CCC of America, 1989
    DVD 30 minutes
    Now in English, Spanish & French
    Ages: 4-8

    Animated story based on fact and tradition. A bit long for young ones.

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  • In Search of Santa Claus: the truth behind a story you thought you knew

    Infinity Entertainment Group for Smithsonian Networks, 2009
    DVD 47 minutes

    Ages: youth-adult

    Documentary history, tracing the development of the legends, primarily focusing on Myra (Demre, Turkey), Bari, Italy, the Lido of Venice, St. Nicholas icon in Bertscheid, Germany, up through the examination of the relics in Bari and the Lido and the reconstruction of his face in 2004.

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  • Saints for Kids: 32 Friends of Jesus

    Pauline Video, 2000, 2012
    List: $14.95
    DVD 2 hours 20 minutes total, the Nicholas segment is about 3 minutes
    Copyright 2000, 2012
    English, Spanish, Portuguese; English subtitles

    Ages: 6-9

    Introduces "Friends of Jesus," with a focus on Nicholas' broad care for people, especially children, and justice; makes the connection to Santa. Attractive, soft-colored illustrations. Comes with discussion and activity guide. This is my favorite Nicholas video for children.

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  • The Saints' Gallery: Volume III: Saints for All Seasons
    Volume IV: Early Church Leaders

    Oblate Media, 1996, 2012
    List: $19.99
    DVD with Vol. III & IV

    42 minutes, the Nicholas segment is about 5 minutes
    Vol. III: Mary, Queen of Saints, Saints Patrick, Nicholas Valentine, Mary Magdalen
    Vol. IV: Saints Peter, Clare of Assisi, Thomas Aquinas, Catherine of Siena, Paul

    All ages

    Nice introduction, illustrated primarily with classic religious art

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