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  • Santa's Prayer

    Andes, Mary Lou
    Pauline Books & Media, 2007
    Book/CD with story and song

    Lovely prayer for children in shaped board book; prayer suitable for elementary children

  • The Usborne Christmas Treasury: Stories, Carols and Activitkes, Book and CD

    Bates, Michelle, Jenny Tyler and Fiona Watt, editors
    Usborne Publishing Ltd., 2001

    Beautifully illustrated anthology, with a particularly nice Saint Nicholas story

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  • The Christmas Rose

    Bauer, Sepp (translated by Ben Sachtler), illustrated by Else Wenz-Vietor
    Charlesbridge Publishing, 2008, first published around 1920 in Germany

    First printed as an Advent calendar and recently rediscovered, the new US edition has an illustrated page to read each Advent day. The story tells of St. Nicholas helping children whose mother is very sick. Not shown as a bishop, the book does include introductory information about the good bishop."

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  • The Saint Who Became Santa Claus

    Bence, Evelyn
    Regina Press, 2002

    Attractive small book tells two Nicholas stories (the dowry money and famine) and nicely relates St. Nicholas to Santa Claus, ending, "Most of all, Saint Nicholas wants us to thank God for the gift of the Christ Child, Jesus, who taught us how to love one another; and whose birth makes Christmas a Holy Day for all of us."

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  • Santa's Secret Story

    Bilinsky, Cornelia Mary
    Pauline Books & Media, 2011
    Preview book

    Rachel learns who Santa really is and how to share God's love

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  • Saint Nicholas

    Bohatta, Ida
    Ars Edition, 1981

    English version of popular German book; delightful illustrations

  • A Pop-Up Book for Christmas: A Treasury of Celebrations Around the World with an Advent Calendar

    Bowden, Joan
    Clarion Books, Houghton Mifflin, 1994

    A full-page spread with a pop-up Saint Nicholas, plus a mention in the Advent calendar with gold coins

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  • My Christmas Stocking: Filled with God's Love

    Bowman, Crystal
    ZonderKidz, Zondervan, 2006

    Shaped board book with simple introduction to Saint Nicholas and the stocking tradition; whimsical illustrations.

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  • Saint Nicholas the Giftgiver

    Bustard, Ned
    IVP Kids, 2021
    Downers Grove, Illinois

    Young children

    Good introduction to Saint Nicholas in verse, includes high points of his tradition (just remember he is from Asia Minor, not Turkey) and transitions into becoming Santa. Clear, bold illustrations by the author.

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  • There Really is a Santa Claus

    Crone, Glenn P.
    John Knox Press, 1968

    Tells about Nicholas ("Claus") and Santa; doesn't show him as bishop except on the cover

  • The Saint Nick Story

    Davis, Kate
    Book Baby, 2018
    Pennsauken, New Jersey

    Rhyming introduction to St. Nicholas, pictured as Santa, not as a bishop. Proceeds from sales support A21, an organization working to abolish present-day slavery.

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  • The True Story of St. Nicholas: Who Is Also Called Santa Claus

    Eich, Foster
    Mascot Books, 2014

    Nicely illustrated simple retelling that relates St. Nicholas to Santa Claus

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  • Christmas Is . . .

    Gibbons, Gail
    Holiday House, 2001

    Good information about Christmas; begins with the Christ Child, introduces Christmas symbols; connects St. Nicholas to Santa.

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  • Santa Who?

    Gibbons, Gail
    Scholastic, 2001

    Nice introduction to bishop St. Nicholas; how Santa developed and stories of other gift givers.

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  • St Nicholas: Traditional Folklore

    Grant, Kat; illustrated by Czes Pachela
    Signature Books, 2015
    Harpenden, England
    Available in both hard or softback

    Nice story of St. Nicholas, emphasizing kindness and generosity, personalized for your child; child's name also hidden in each illustration

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  • 24 Christmas Stories to Welcome Jesus

    Ignatius Press

    Twenty-four stories for the days of Advent; nicely illustrated fresh retelling of biblical and saints' stories, with modern and a few classic tales. Originally from France.

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  • A Special St. Nicholas Day

    Jackson-Houck, Heidi Lee
    Mirror Publishing, 2011
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Simple story tells the dowry tale and the Czech tradition of polishing shoes for St.Nicholas to visit and fill with little treats.

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  • Saint Nicholas: story of the real Santa Claus

    Joslin, Mary
    Lion, 2003; Pauline Books & Media 2006

    Nicely illustrated version of the best-known story of Nicholas' kindness and generosity

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  • The Story of St. Nicholas

    Kolinovsky, Sebastian, editor
    Passionist Missionaries, Union City, New Jersey

    Small fold-out leaflet with St. Nicholas telling about Jesus

  • A Legend of Saint Nicholas

    Krasovec, Bernice
    Schusters' Printing, 1985, 1994

    Spiral bound, simply told, rather fanciful, unconventional Nicholas

  • Tales of Saint Nicholas

    Kraushaar, Keith C.
    self-published, 2009

    Simple re-telling of 12 Nicholas stories; a couple typos.

  • The Gift from Saint Nicholas

    Lachner, Dorothea
    North-South Books, 1994

    A great storm snows in a small mountain village, St Nicholas helps the villagers discover what is really important (not shown as a bishop)

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  • Felix's Christmas Around the World

    Langen, Annette
    Abbeville Publishing Group, 1998

    Felix learns about Christmas around the world, including Sinterklaas in the Netherlands; the book has letters in envelopes for each part of the adventure

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  • The Night Before Christmas

    Moore, Clement Clarke, illustrations by Lisbeth Zwerger
    Minedition, Penguin, 2005

    The only version with bishop Saint Nicholas—at least in part!

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  • Santa, Are You For Real?

    Myra, Harold
    Thomas Nelson, 1997

    Rhyming story helps children discover that there was a real Saint Nicholas; keeps Jesus at the heart of Christmas; older edition (1977) is a larger format, different illustrations.

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  • Saint Nicholas and the Three Poor Girls

    Potamitis, Egle-Ekaterine
    Potamitis Publishing, 2009
    Printed in Greece

    Small book with the dowry story

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  • The True Story of Santa Claus

    Prokop, Paul
    Pauline Books & Media, 2000

    Santa tells his story to a young boy and that Jesus wants him to take care of the world's children by bringing gifts and reminding them that Jesus is God's greatest gift.

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  • The Golden Cup

    Reifsnyder, Marylou
    Knopf, 1970

    Delightful retelling of one of the oldest St Nicholas legends

  • A St. Nicholas Story or The Fiercest Little Animal In The Forest

    Reinhart, Terri
    Patrick's Press, 2009

    Gentle St. Nicholas story, showing generosity and how helping others can change hearts
    Also available in Swedish and Dutch

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  • The Story of Santa Claus

    Reiss, Julian
    The Bruce Publishing Company, Milwaukee, WI, 1959

    The founder of Santa's Workshop, North Pole, NY, tells the true story of Saint Nicholas

  • Jan and his Clogs

    Ridge, Antonia
    Roy Publishers, 1959

    Saint Nicholas story set in the Netherlands

  • St. Nicholas the Wonderworker

    Rowe, Lily Parascheva
    St. Stylianos Books, 2012

    Picture book telling the life of St. Nicholas; all major events are included; illustrated with full-color pictures; written particularly for the Orthodox tradition, but useful for others, too

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  • Can We Help You, Saint Nicholas?

    Scheidl, Gerda Marie
    North-South Books, 1992

    Simple story of forest animals helping Saint Nicholas

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  • The Story of Amerigo: Sinterklaas' Beloved Horse

    Stich, Carolyn
    Carolyn Stich Studio, 2022
    Holland, Michigan

    Picture book for young and elementary children

    Sweet story with engaging illustrations tells how Amerigo became Sinterklaas' horse. Includes Dutch customs.

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  • And Now We Call Him Santa Claus

    Tutt, Kay
    Lothrop, Lee & Shepard, 1963

    Delightful introduction for young and old

  • Saint Nicholas: A Veggie Christmas Story

    VeggieTales, adapted from the video by Karen Poth
    Golden Books, 2009

    This story focuses on giving, but is not drawn from established Saint Nicholas tradition. Nicholas is not portrayed as a bishop and he becomes a sort of instant Santa. It is a disappointment, as a good opportunity has been missed.

  • The Story of Saint Nicholas: A Children's Adaptation

    Wagner, Laura
    Wagner Publishing, 2013
    Allison Park, Pennsylvania

    Basically tells the dowry story simplified, with inaccurate detail having Nicholas living in Turkey and putting gold coins into shoes left outside; nice bright illustrations

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  • Santa Claus Around the World

    Weil, Lisl
    Holiday House, 1987

    The original Saint Nicholas and how he is seen around the world

  • Nicholas of Myra: Giver of Many Gifts

    Yoffie, Barbara
    Liguori Publications, 2013

    Small book tells the story of St. Nicholas; the illustrations are somewhat confusing as he appears randomly as a Western bishop, as Santa Claus, and fleetingly as an Eastern bishop. The book is part of a six book series, "Saints of Christmas".

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