Carol of Saint Nicholas

St Nicholas Crozier, 1889
Sint-Nicolaaskerk, Sint-Niklaas, Belgium, Postcard
St Nicholas Center Collection
Make ye merry, as ye may,
And sing with me, I you pray.
In Patras there born he was,
The holy bishop Saint Nicholas.
He wist mickle of Godes grace,
Through virtue of the Trinity.
He rais'd three boys from death to life
That were in salt put full swythe,
Cut up by butcher and his wife,
And hidden all in privacy.
He sav'd three maidens of mild mood;
He gave them gold to have food,
Thus turning them from ill to good,
Through virtue of the Trinity.
God grant us grace here, old and young,
Him to serve at his pleasing;
To heaven's bliss may he us bring,
Through virtue of the Trinity.

Text adapted from a 15th century carol
Medieval carol melody, freely arranged by David Cox X 10 S.A.T.B.

Copyright © 1955 Oxford University Press, London Used by permission. All rights reserved. Available for purchase on a print-to-order basis, contact Paul C. Steiner,

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