Sooty Piets in Belgium

Sooty Piets in Belgium

Along with the Netherlands’ Amsterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, and Maastricht, in 2015 Brussels and Antwerp also announced they would have alternative, sooty—not blackface— Piets.

So change is coming to Belgium, as well as the Netherlands. There,as well, it is coming first to large cities.

Saint and Piet, Antwerp
Photo: Wirenewsfax

2019 brings Sooty Piets to Antwerp on November 16, where he is greeted by the mayor on Verbindingsdok-Westkaai. Since the beginning of November the Saint has been featured on the television series “Day of Christmas.” Each episode has a child’s letter with a question about the Saint.

As calls to eliminate blackface Piets in the Netherlands have increased, anti-racism campaigners in Belgium have also called for an end to the tradition of blackface in festivals and carnivals.  Belgium shares in the Black Piet tradition, though less so than in the Netherlands it has other folklore festivals with blackface. 


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