Brussels' Special Speculoos Shop

Dandoy Biscuiterie depuis 1829
During Sinterklaas season Biscuiterie Dandoy is a feast for the eyes with Sint Nicolaas speculoos cookies and marzipan in many shapes and sizes. The same famiily has made these tasty treats for six generations in the heart of Brussels. The crunchy cookies are made with brown sugar, butter, and spice—cinnamon and cloves. The shop, located at 31 Boterstraat (rue au Buerre), between Grand Place and the Bourse, is right across from the newly renovated Saint Nicolas Church.

The crisp speculoos cookies are made almost entirely by hand and molded in wonderfully detailed hand carved wooden molds. Of course the shop has many other delicious goodies, too. It is worth a visit at any time because many wonderful antique wooden molds, including Saint Nicholas, are displayed above the baked goods displays, as well as the always delicious European breads and sweets. The shop is so busy that even locals queue for these tasty treats.

There are five Dandoy shops in Brussels and their products are also sold in other shops in Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland.

Large Saint Nicholas speculoos cookies fill the window before St. Nicholas Day.

Shop front with Nicolas coolies
Shop front with Nicolas cookies

Speculoos Saint Nicks come in various sizes and shapes, sometimes packaged with other treats. He is also available molded in marzipan.

St Nicholas Cookie
St Nicholas Treats
St Nicholas Cookie
Giant St Nicholas Head Cookie
Vintage molds line the area above the goods displayed for purchase. These wooden molds are all hand-carved and come in many sizes and shapes. In addition to Saint Nicholas, there are other characters, animals, and flowers.
St Nicholas Marzipan
St Nicholas Cookie
St Nicholas Cookie
St Nicholas Mold
St Nicholas Mold
St Nicholas Mold

How is speculoos made? At Dandoy the dough is made of flour, butter, dark brown sugar, baking soda and salt, flavored with vanilla, cinnamon and clove. Pastry craftsmen thoroughly knead the dough, the press it by hand into well-floured speculoos boards. Excess dough is cut off with a thin wire. The mold is tapped on the table surface to loosen the cookie which is put on a greased pan and baked in a large conveyor belt oven.

Pressing dough into mold
Photos: Biscuiterie Dandoy
Removing excess dough
Used by permission
Smoothing the dough
Removing cookie from mold

Two statues of Saint Nicholas, patron saint of bakers as well as children, grace the shop.

St Nicholas Statue
Saint Nicholas
Patron Saint of Bakers
St Nicholas Statue
and of Children
Shop Display
Saint Nicholas treats and more
Shop Display
Four sizes of St Nicolaas speculoos
Dandoy Shop Tin
Dandoy Shop tin

Dandoy shops in Brussels
• 31, rue au Beurre (Boterstraat)
• 14, rue Charles Buls (Charles Buls straat)
• 50, rue de Rollebeek (Rossebeekstraat)
• 22, place Saint-Job (Sint-Jobs plein)
• 112 rue de l'Eglise (Stockel)
• 9a, place Brugmann (Brugmann plein)

Dandoy shop in Waterloo, Belgium
• 296 Chée de Bruselles

Dandoy shop in Tokyo
• Daimaru Tokyo Station — B1
• 1-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku

Dandoy Shop Window
Dandoy Shop
Photo: Jessica Robinson Used by permission

Dandoy St. Nicolas Speculoos booklet, with recipe


Biscuiterie Dandoy

Photos: C Myers and J M Rosenthal, unless otherwise noted
Photo of the Patron Saint of Bakers statue: courtesy of Michael Craske

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