Kids' Saint Nicholas Prayers

From Saints for Kids by Kids

Child praying, St Nicholas in window
Dear Saint Nicholas, help me share a little better with my brother because my mom says I have to try harder.
Dear Saint Nicholas, some people are rich, and they don't care about other people. They want to keep everything for themselves and say "I don't care." But you cared, because you gave everything away. You were so generous, because you helped those girls get married by giving them money. I'm glad we don't have to buy husbands anymore. Help me be like you.
Dear Saint Nicholas, I like to go sailing with my dad. Sometimes the waves get high, and I get really scared. Please watch over us when we are in the boat.
Saint Nick, it's OK that you didn't bring me a real horse for Christmas. I think I like the Atari game better anyhow.
Kids tell about Saint Nicholas
Book Cover

From Saints for Kids by Kids, by the Reverend Robert Charlebois, Mary Sue Holden and Marilyn Diggs Mange, Liguori Publications, 1984.

This little book was written by children—saints' stories were told, then children in schoolrooms and Sunday classes retold the stories in their own words. Their responses were edited and compiled to make the book with stories of eight saints. More than 300 children participated in the creation of Saints for Kids by Kids.

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