Giant Lego San Nicola!

A brick for Nick

60,000 Lego bricks make this stunning new Lego San Nicola in Bari, Italy. He is about two meters tall (6 feet 6.7 inches). San Nicola made his debut on December 6, 2021.

The only certified Lego professional in Italy, Riccardo Zangelmi, built the statue in Reggio Emilia, about 460 miles northwest of Bari.

St Nicholas
St Nicholas

The statue is the centerpiece of the exhibit, A Brick for Nick, at the Civic Museum of Bari. He'll be there for a month and will then visit other places in Bari, in Italy, and beyond—maybe even around the world.

St Nicholas

The exhibit also features activities for children and adults: Lego construction workshops, city treasure hunts, animated readings, and Lego contest winners projects.

St Nicholas
Be Nicholas Team: Giorgia Floro, Ivan Iosca, Serena Manieri, & Gerardo Draetta
St Nicholas
Lego San Nicola in front of the Basilica di San Nicola, Bari, Italy

The unique Lego statue was commissioned by Be Nicholas, a project of Eventialevante, with La Capagrossa. The statue is built from bricks of different sizes, colors, and shapes symbolizing very different individuals coming together to form community bringing Nicholas work to the world. Each brick may be unique, but necessary, and together with others builds a whole.

Be Nicholas works to encourage everyone to recognize and personally adopt Saint Nicholas' values of faith, truth, and action for good—to actually be like Nicholas. The purpose is for people to take both small and large actions that lead to real positive social change. 

Video from Be Nicholas: 2 .04

Video from South Antenna: 2.07

Be Nicholas Goals

Develop knowledge of history, places, legends, traditions, values connected to the figure of St. Nicholas, in Bari, in Italy and in the world.

Create aware communities capable of providing answers to the questions of social change, through ordinary, daily, common actions, also in the sense of collective and universal actions.

Experiment and consolidate participatory processes aimed at defining and achieving desired social change.

Draft a Catalog of possible miracles, collecting concrete proposals for positive social change coming from the project's activities and generation of new projects and new processes.

Photos from Be Nicholas, used by permission. More information from Be Nicholas, in Italian.

Lego Minifigure St Nicholas

Make a Lego Santa into a St. Nicholas Minifigure

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