N is for Nicholas!

See three pictures—and make your own!

N with Nicholas carrying crozier and sack
Saint Nicholas was so much more
than just a jolly soul.
He lived to radiate God's love,
and from Heaven meets this goal.

Saint Nicholas was a bishop whose loving kindness has
echoed through the centuries in the legend of Santa Claus.

N with young saint holding bag to fill wooden shoes

N is for Nicholas,
St. Claus, so we say;
He's loved by all children
Right down to this day.

N with Nicolas with crozier and children
Saint Nicholas with N

N is for Nicholas!

N is Nicolas with crozier and money bag

Print or cut-out to make a stand-up or
flat St. Nicholas!
Make your own!


Book cover
An Alphabet of Catholic Saints, by Brenda & George Nippert, Joseph's Heartprint, Nippert & Co. Artworks, 2006, copyright © 2006.
Used by permission.
A saint for each letter of the alphabet, with illustration, rhyme and a sentence of background.
Purchase from amazon.com, amazon.ca or amazon.uk.
Book cover

From The ABC of The Saints by Mary Charitas, S.S.N.D.,
illustrated by Gladys Allie,
Copyright © 1940, Catechetical Guild, St. Paul, Minnesota.
Alphabet Poster

From L'alphabet de Noël,
Premier de Classé, Paris, France.
Saint Nicolas card

By Bernadette Meyer, The Woodlands, Texas,
Meyer Market Designs, Etsy.
ABC Saints
From ABC Saints,
Catholic Icing.

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