St. Nicholas Poems

St. Nicholas Day Poem
"Holy Bishop St. Nicholas lived far away
Near the Aegean Sea is where Turkey did lay.
Travel back with us now to a time long ago.
We will visit his country, his life we will know…"
Saint Nicholas
A Poem from Belgium
A Rhyme for Nicholas
Saint of Children, Saint of Sailors
St. Nicholas
In the heavens lives a saint . . . .
Santa & St. Nicholas
Are they the same?
A Song for St. Nicholas
From 1865!
St. Nicholas Verse
From Germany!
A Song for the Bishop
From Australia!
Lament of the Children in the Salting Tub
French children have sung this song for more than 400 years!

Rotating images: Cecika Thakoor, Musée d'art et d'histoire, Fribourg, Switzerland. Used by permission.

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