Saint Nicholas

Tonight when it is dark
Saint Nicholas may come.
He loves to bring a big surprise.
He gives the children toys.

Ade Bethune Sketch

Cookies, apples,
Balls and games,
Bells and whistles,
Dolls and trains.
Surprises for the boys.
Surprises for the girls.
Saint Nicholas is our friend in heaven.
He is the children's saint.

Ade Bethune Sketch
We thank you, good Saint Nicholas!
We thank you for the toys!
We thank you, good Saint Nicholas!
You bring us many joys.

—Ade Bethune

Ade Bethune grew up in Belgium, which is a country in Europe. She also tells a story about St. Nicholas that happened when she was a little girl.

From Family Festivals, Winter 1981-1982, p. 5, Resource Publications, Inc., Saratoga, CA. Used by permission.

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