A Rhyme for Nicholas

by Eleanor Farjeon
(December 6th)

Illustration by Helen Sewell
Ten Saints by Eleanor Farjeon
St Nicholas Center Collection
Nicholas, Saint of Children,
Loves to spend his wealth
On pretty toys for girls and boys,
Leaving them by stealth.
The wind in the chimney
Hears children call:
"Bring me this, Saint Nicholas!
Bring me that, Saint Nicholas!
A silky scarf,
A bag of sweets,
A big gold ball!"
Nicholas, Saint of Sailors,
Children of the sea,
When their sails are torn by gales
Close at hand is he.
The wind in the rigging
Hears the sailors cry:
"Save us here, old Nicholas!
Save us there, good Nicholas!
Saint of Sailors,
Bring us safe
Home, high and dry!"

From Ten Saints by Eleanor Farjeon, Oxford University Press, 1936

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