St. Nicholas

     . . . and icons

Greek relief icon
St Nicholas Center Collection
A Meditation on the Icon of St Nicholas
    by Gregory Collins OSB
    Praying with the St Nicholas icon
Writing a Saint Nicholas Icon
    by Kate Sterner
    Reflections on the process of writing an icon, with pictures

More Articles

St. Nicholas . . . and Santa
St. Nicholas . . . and Generosity and Gift Giving
St. Nicholas . . . and Compassion, Justice and Other Concerns
Articles for Churches 
    Ideas for parish celebration, children's sermons, and an adult discussion guide
Articles for Families
    Ideas for family St. Nicholas customs and activities


The Real St. Nicholas by John Bookser Feister
Nicholas of Myra: Friend of Children, Giver of Gifts, Climber of Chimneys, Etc. by James Kiefer
The Real St. Nick by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson
Saint Nicholas: icons & frescoes from Orthodox Christianity

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