St. Nicholas . . . 

     . . . and compassion, justice and other concerns

St. Nicholas saves three innocent men
Eglise Saint-Florentin, Saint-Florentin, France
Photo: Denis Krieger, Mes vitraux favoris, used by permission
Christmas This Year
    by Booth Tarkington
    A reflection on St. Nicholas, inspired by a classic painting
A Saint Who Stopped an Execution
    by Jim Forest
    A reflection on Saint Nicholas and the death penalty
Santa Was in Prison and Jesus Got the Death Penalty 
    by James Ridgeway & Jean Casella
    A reflection on principle holiday figures and current US incarceration
St. Nicholas: An Early Champion of Ending Hunger 
    by Stephen H. Padre
    Patron saint for advocacy to end hunger?
The Real Santa Who Fed the Hungry

     by William Lambers
     To follow St. Nick's example is to feed the hungry
St. Nicholas: What can I say, he was a beast 
    by Peter Enns
    Discovery of the real St. Nicholas
St. Nicholas Bishop of Myra
    by Robert Ellsberg
    December 6th entry from All Saints: Daily Reflections
History of St. Nicholas Feast Day
    by Beth Bevis
    Including a major difference between Nicholas and Santa Claus
Persecuted, Jailed, Passionate: That's my kind of Santa Claus
    by James Parker III
    A Baptist Take on Saint Nicholas
Goodbye Santa! Hello St. Nick! Or, how many slaves work for you?
    by Marty Troyer
    How much forced labor produces the things we buy and use?
Houston needs Saint Nick to fight Human Trafficking
    by Marty Troyer
    Saint Nicholas and saving women from exploitation
St. Nicholas, patron saint of the Occupy movement? 
    by Joshua J. McElwee
    A saint with concern for those in need

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    Ideas for parish celebration, children's sermons, and an adult discussion guide
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    Ideas for family St. Nicholas customs and activities


Nicholas of Myra: Friend of Children, Giver of Gifts, Climber of Chimneys, Etc. by James Kiefer
The Real St. Nick by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson

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