St. Nicholas . . .

 . . . and Santa

Man pulling beard and hat off Santa, revealing Bishop
Postcard (translated)
Ghent, Belgium, 1991
St. Nicholas Center Collection
St. Nicholas Day reminds us of true Santa conscience
    by David Crumm
    How has Santa changed?
Reclaiming St. Nick
    by Stephen Wende
    Keep Santa—be generous & share
God Among Us: Christmas Message
    by Katharine Jefferts Schori
    Even Santa Claus can be a star leading others to the stable
The Real St. Nicholas 
    by Lawrence Farley
    Three identifying characteristics
How Santa can be part of a Christian celebration of Christmas
    by Jennifer Graham
    Ways to include Santa while keeping Jesus primary
Can Jesus and Santa Get Along?
    by Alan Rudnick
    St. Nicholas can bring them together
St. Nicholas, Santa and the Elf on the Shelf 
    by Kerry Trotter
    Two different ways of being watched
A Baptist Take on St. Nicholas
    by Terry Mattingly
    How a Southern Baptist, the Rev. James Parker III, views St. Nicholas
St. Nicholas is Coming to Town
    from The Christophers
    Santa and St. Nicholas, a perspective for parents
Reconsecrating Santa
    by Nicholas Frankovich
    Is it time to take back St. Nicholas?
A Fraud of a Santa
    by Jay Akasie
    A new take on Santa from the New York Sun
We Need a Visit from the Real Saint Nicholas
    by Terry Mattingly
    Thoughtful essay on the role of Saint Nicholas and Santa in American culture and Christianity
St Nick Tells It Like It Is
    by Michael E. Brooks
    The best Christmas pageant—a real story from North Carolina
Remembering the real St. Nick
    by Doug Mendenhall
    Keeping St. Nicholas helps keep Christ in Christmas
Bad Santa: How we turned Saint Nicholas into a symbol of greed
    by Giles Fraser
    Thoughts of Santa during Advent
Might Santa need a makeover?
    by Thomas Keeley
    Is St. Nicholas about "naughty & nice?"

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How St. Nicholas Became Santa Claus: One Theory
     Interview with Jeremy Seal
    And why his charism of charity still resonates today
Articles for Churches
    Ideas for parish celebration, children's sermons, and an adult discussion guide
Articles for Families
    Ideas for family St. Nicholas customs and activities


Nicholas of Myra: Friend of Children, Giver of Gifts, Climber of Chimneys, Etc. by James Kiefer
The Real St. Nick by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson

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