Fly a Flag for Saint Nicholas!

Sinterklaas flag from the Netherlands

Sinterklaas flags fly from the middle of November until St. Nicholas Day, December 6.

We've had requests for a St. Nichols flag like the one gifted to us from the Netherlands. Zachary Harden saw these requests and made a PDF file to use to have such flags made

There are a number of local and online places that will print flags. As the file is a PDF, you'll need to find a company that works with PDFs, as not all do. We used BannerBuzz to have an inexpensive flag printed from the PDF. 

This is a Rectangle Flag, 3' x 2', with metal grommets at left side (3" pole pocket is an option), Print Side Double (if the flag will show on both sides, as when it's flying on a pole, you need it printed on both sides).

Flag from BannerBuzz

PDF file courtesy of Zachary Harden, used by permission. 

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