St. Nicholas Centerpiece

From Berry Branble Cottage

Wreath with decorations
Gifts in flower pot
Photos: Berry Bramble Cottage

A special St. Nichols centerpiece illustrates many of the good saint's stories and legends. Items placed in a flower pot, surrounded by greens tell the story of the bishop’s life:

  • Miter construction paper miter to decorate the flower pot
  • Crozier candy cane
  • Ship walnut shell boat with paper sail
  • Three gold balls clementines or tangerines
  • Gold coins chocolate coins
  • Money bags three muslin tea bags, each filled with a special "treasure" of nuts, popping corn, or money for a gift to choose a gift for a child in need
  • Anchor Speculaas cookies shaped like anchors
  • Three maidens/children in tub/children three paper white bulbs
  • Shoes small wooden shoes
  • Amaryllis bulb to represent the spirit of life-giving love so well exemplified by St. Nicholas. Just as life and beauty blooms from a simple bulb, so, too, we want the same to grow in our hearts and bloom in our lives.

Family activity

Discover and talk about the items in the flower pot—why they are symbols for St. Nicholas and what they may mean for us.

From Berry Bramble Cottage.

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