St. Nicholas Family Service

from St Peter's Church, Swainsthorpe, England

An afternoon service followed by high tea

St NIcholas with children on pedestal with symbols
Saint Nicholas, St Mary's, Worstead
Photo: Simon Knott Norfolk Churches
Used by permission



O little town of Bethlehem

Prayers of Preparation and Seeking God's Forgiveness

Leader: We have sinned
All: forgive and heal us

The Story of St Nicholas*

The St Nicholas Prayer

Almighty Father, lover of souls
who chose your servant Nicholas
to be a bishop in the church
that he might give freely out of the treasures of your grace
make us mindful of the needs of others
and as we have received
so teach us to give
through Jesus Christ our Lord Amen.


Ding, Dong! merrily on high

Two Special Visitors & A Precious Gift**


At this time of giving, gladly now we bring
gifts of goodness and mercy from a heavenly King
During the last two verses children are invited to distribute small gifts from Santa's sack to the rest of the congregation

The Greatest Gift of All — Luke 2.5–20


Girls and boys leave your toys, make no noise

Prayers for Those in Need

The Lord's Prayer


O come all ye faithful


* And Now We Call Him Santa Claus PowerPoint to download

** The 2003 visitors were a worker from Wycliffe Bible Translators, who talked about what a precious gift it is to receive the Bible in one's own language, and Santa, who talked about how important the Word of God was to St Nicholas. The service moved from gifts given by St Nicholas and Christmas gifts today, to the gift of God's word in the Bible and the gift of Jesus, God's Son. The gifts from Santa's sack were small booklets with special Bible verses.

*** The Giving Song by Graham Kendrick

The St Nicholas Family Service, St Peter's Church Swainsthorpe, Tas Valley Team Ministry, 7 December 2003. Used by permission.

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