St. Nicholas Hymns & Songs

There are many hymns and songs to use in St. Nicholas Day worship or on other occasions. Most of these are set to familiar tunes, making them easy to sing. Audio files (mp3) are provided when possible. In each category those most appropriate for children are marked with an asterisk.

St. Nikolaus, Salzburg
"St. Nikolaus" by Karl Weiser, Salzburg Postcard, Austria
St Nicholas Center Collection

General—for all churches, schools, etc. 

32 hymns and songs, including five updated versions of "Jolly Old St. Nicholas"

Anglican/Episcopal/Roman Catholic 

26 hymns and songs drawn from a variety of sources, some ancient and others modern

Orthodox/Byzantine Catholic 

Traditional service music, including four versions of "O kto kto Nikolaja"

Other Songs 

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