St Nicholas Day School Service

with Child Bishop

from St Nicholas Parish, Longparish, Hampshire, England

2.30 pm 6th December 2001

Child bishop in green
Child Bishop of Longparish, Longparish, Hampshire, England, 2011
The whole Church of England Primary School (about 90 pupils), and parents and governors who are able to come, meet in St Nicholas' Parish Church on the afternoon of St Nicholas' Day. There may be a presentation by some of the children, and certainly a reading. The main part of the celebration is a short service of installation of a boy or girl bishop. The bishop designate is chosen by the school staff, and installed on the church's Bishop's Chair at the chancel step. A parent made the set of episcopal vestments and the mitre. The tradition started here in 2000, when the Archdeacon of Winchester installed the first Boy Bishop of Longparish. Our intention was to emphasise the generosity of St Nicholas by giving each child a gold coin on leaving!

Welcome and Prayer

Master of Ceremonies

Almighty Father, who in your love
chose Nicholas
to be a Bishop in the church,
to share the treasures of your grace,
make us mindful of the needs of others,
and, as we have received,
so teach us also to give:
through Jesus Christ, our Lord.


Jesus, good above all other


Luke 6.36-8


St Nicholas the Generous Bishop


Installation of Child Bishop

The Rector (at the aisle crossing)


Reverend Father, I present to you N. to be installed as Child Bishop of Longparish.


N., you have been chosen to serve as Child Bishop in this parish of St Nicholas.
Will you as long as you hold this office, do it to the very best of your ability?

Child Bishop

I will.

The Rector presents the Mitre


On the day of Pentecost tongues of fire alighted on the heads of the Apostles,
wear this mitre as a sign that you are following the apostles in the gifts of the Spirit.

The Rector gives the Bishop's crook (crozier) and leads the Child Bishop to the Bishop's throne


I install you as Child Bishop of this parish.
May God bless you in your ministry this day.
Almighty God,
by whose grace alone we are accepted and called to your service:
strengthen us by your Holy Spirit
and make us worthy of our calling:
through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.


Heavenly Father,
we thank you for St Nicholas
and his kindness and generosity to those in need.
Help us to see who needs our help
and open our hearts in generosity to them:
for Jesus' sake. Amen.
As we continue our journey through Advent,
looking forward to Christmas,
help us to be patient and not in too much of a hurry for Christmas Day.
And when it comes,
help us to remember above all your greatest gift to us,
your Son Jesus Christ,
in whose name we pray. Amen.
We pray for this Church and School dedicated to St Nicholas,
we pray that we may live up to his generous and holy life.
We thank you and pray for all those who make up our big family.
We pray for Miss Hobrough and all the staff, teachers and helpers,
for the Governors and Friends and parents who give their support so generously:
may God bless us all for Jesus' sake. Amen.


Now thank we all our God


Rector & Child Bishop

Child Bishop & Rector go to door where Child Bishop gives out gold coins (chocolate coins in gold foil) to all children.

From St Nicholas Parish , Longparish, Hampshire. Used by permission.

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